Week 1 – Follow Up

Those decks were FUN.

I’m going to start with Null. I played it against a Personal Evolution, which seemed like a bad match up and ended up being some of the most fun Netrunner I’ve played in months.

The dance of managing Emptied Mind and Bookmark around Neurals and Snares was super exciting. I only really felt safe when I had Guru Davinder on the board (and later, Feedback Filter), but I had to use my Davinder to go through a Neural Katana (didn’t have Sunya out yet) then was on three credits when I stole the Nisei MK II. The Guru left me at that point, and everything got dicier.

The deck plays so comfortably once you’ve got three cards on Bookmark. I found that I only took the five-click turns every so often against PE, deciding the turn before if I needed or wanted five.

Unfortunately, my Mediums were in the bottom three cards of my deck, and I saw my Prepaids late. And also, there’s this weird thing with Komainu where Sunya is crazy expensive if you’re worried about Snare, but if you’ve got Davinder out, you can go in empty handed and do it free? Strange balance!

Unfortunately, since I was up against PE ICE, I didn’t actually use Pushing the Envelope this game, but I think it would’ve worked well. Needs more testing before I know what cards I’d swap, but I think a second Davinder instead of the Feedback Filter will be my first change.

As for CyberNEXTics. That’s the deck that seemed to get people chatting. I got lots of compliments and a few suggestions. Actually, while sleeving up the deck I made one minor change as well–dropped the Victor 1.0 for an Enforcer 1.0. Untapped potential there.

I played this one against a Noise, and it was sort of a one-sided game. He had trouble finding breakers, and so wasn’t very aggressive. I scored a Self-Destruct Chips and Noise had a lot of trouble digging through his deck with a hand size of only three. Two ABTs and a NEXT Wave 2, and I scored out for the win.

One really good suggestion was to drop NEXT Gold for Brainstorm. I think I’ll keep one Gold and add one Brainstorm. That also plays well into the next suggestion–Marcus Batty. We’ve got the influence for it, might as well force some more brain damage!

First thought is to drop one Eli and replace it with a Quicksand. Maybe a Markus 1.0? I guess I could drop the GFI too, but I don’t really want a runner-scoreable three pointer in the 44-card deck.

Anyways. Both decks were successes. Lots of fun! Tune in later this week for a Zed 2.0 deck! Also whatever I end up doing with Maw. Because that card is weird.


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