The Archivist


Reina walked through the brightly lit lobby toward the records library access in the back, her bright red skinsuit drawing eyes as she moved. Some people looked curious. A few older folks looked like they recognized the military gear. Those people looked nervous.

The security team on deck sported Clan Picus tattoos, and they nodded to Reina as she passed by. The building was the heart of Martian Colonial Authority influence, and they were pretty cozy with the Weyland Consortium, but the people were pure Martian.

Taking a few quick turns through brightly lit hallways, Reina moved with the speed of familiarity. The doors she passed were various server rooms holding immense amounts of data, but she knew where she was going. She’d made this trip many times before leaving Mars.

Finally, she pushed her way through a utilitarian door with the word “Analytics” stenciled in at eye level.

The office, buried deep at the base of Khondi Tower, was a cluttered mess. Humming workstations lined the walls, and disconnected consoles and hard drives were stacked on shelves in the middle of the room. There were even some vintage, real-paper books on the shelves.

The Archivist looked up from his workstation as Reina entered the room. He blinked once in surprise at seeing her, then went back to his study.

“Been a while.”

“It has,” Reina agreed.

The Archivist had a book open on his desk, and he was reading through it intently.

Reina waited.

After a few minutes, the Archivist leaned back in his chair and looked at one of the colourful screens filling his station. The data appeared to be structural diagrams. “You need something?”

“The usual. Information.”

“You know how it works,” the Archivist said, waving a hand around the cluttered space.

“You see connections that others don’t. You know that’s why I value your help,” Reina said, her voice respectful.

The Archivist looked dreamy for a moment. “Something new pops up, and everyone thinks it has no history. That it sprung into the world fully formed. But the artifacts are there. The slivers of what that idea was before.” He seemed to be speaking to himself.

“Thank you,” Reina said. Then she turned to leave. The Archivist was a genius when it came to uncovering weaknesses in apparently trivial data.

“Where can I find you?” he asked.

Reina looked back over her shoulder. “My rack’s in the Citadel Sanctuary down on four. You can find me there.”

The Archivist nodded. “It’s good to have you back, Reina.”

She grunted. Then she stepped back into the hallway.

Fifth Iteration

Reina is one of my favourite runners. I’d say top two, her and Gabe. I like to run, and I like to run aggressively, and they both play well into that.

And since we’re on Mars, expect to see quite a few Reina decks. I also try to fit Caissas everywhere, so be prepared for that.

A little over a year ago I was playing my spiky Palana deck against Cyler, one of the guys down in Victoria. He was on Nexus Kate, and it was the first time I’d ever seen Security Nexus outside of Sunny. It was amazing, and I wanted to run it… but I wanted to run it in Anarch. Between Kim and Reina, the choice was easy. Go Reina.

I built the deck on my phone riding shotgun on the way back to Nanaimo after the tournament. The driver, David, suggested a few card swaps, and my first Red Rabbit Reina deck was designed. I’ve been playing it pretty exclusively at tournaments since then, and it’s gone through a number of iterations.

It started out as a Faust deck, but the MWL made that a bit more difficult.

The Faust version is still probably the strongest, but this latest one looks like it has potential.

By swapping to Conspiracy breakers and losing Faust and Wyldside, we free up enough influence to bring in the Citadel Sanctuary econ package with Power Tap. We’re losing a bit of card draw, but the Masanori should shore that up a bit. Plus now we have the influence for two Nexus (no Levy), so that should equal out the consistency.

The late-game rig in this deck is oppressive. You’re making at least six clickless credits a turn (depending on how many times you trigger Power Taps), and you’re Keyholing and cutting through ICE with Nexus and bad publicity. In Reina, it works great in early game as well, because her printed ability supports early aggression. You’ve got the Retrieval Run just in case you Inject your Keyhole into the bin, but the rest of your programs are Conspiracy.

Plus, you’ll probably have six link. That’s fun.

The cool thing about the Archivist in this build is that he’s a cheap way to get your Underworld Contacts going. You don’t have to drop eight on the Nexus or six on the Rabbit Holes. Plus, Bad Publicity can be used on Nexus traces or Conspiracy installs.

But how often will he trigger?

I’ll let you be the judge of that:


Red Rabbit Reina 5.0 (The Archivist)

Reina Roja: Freedom Fighter

Event (14)

2x Blackmail

3x Career Fair  ●●●

3x Inject

1x Retrieval Run

3x Sure Gamble

2x Vamp


Hardware (5)

3x Rabbit Hole  ●●●

2x Security Nexus  ●●●●● ●


Resource (18)

2x Citadel Sanctuary

3x Daily Casts

2x John Masanori

3x Liberated Account

3x Power Tap  ●●●

2x The Archivist

3x Underworld Contact


Icebreaker (6)

2x Black Orchestra

2x MKUltra

2x Paperclip


Program (2)

2x Keyhole


15 influence spent (max 15, available 0)

45 cards (min 45)

Cards up to Daedalus Complex


Deck built on


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