Defense Construct

Unrecognized Countermeasure

Noise eyed the readout coming from his Turntable. It didn’t make any sense.

“Who upgrades their Archives?”

MedTech servers were usually a fun crash for Noise when he didn’t have bigger fish to fry. Their countermeasures were always pretty thin, and if he got a little lucky, the game was over before it could even really start. But this was wigging him out.

He modified some of his settings and recalibrated his rig, each action remixing the tracks that played from his console. In the low-G club, Wylders moved through the air, dancing with catlike grace. The motions were longer and broader than they would have at any club back on Earth.

There was some sort of code camped on the MedTech Archives node, and someone had been spending their time and money to increase its potency. The enigmatic program was bursting with unleashed potential.

Slotting in a few extra interfaces just to be on the safe side, Noise hit the sequence that would initiate a run on the bin. From his scans, it was bursting with data that his viruses had skimmed from the main research nodes. The beat dropped in meatspace, and Noise’s avatar slid across ICE in cyberspace.

He approached the root, programs ready, hardware humming in anticipation, and then the code started to unfurl. A grinning juggernaut with a pixelated body appeared in front of the Archives node, and data packets started streaming out of Archives and back into the network. Noise watched all of his hard work evaporate before the strange construct dissipated into nothingness.

What is this movie even about?

I was getting tired of building HB decks.

Two options came to mind for using Defense Construct outside of HB: A Hasty Relocation/Industrial Genomics deck and a shell game Harmony Medtech deck. I went Medtech today, but I’ll probably explore the IG version some other time.

You see, I’ve got these super pretty Mushin No Shin alternate arts from our recent organized play, and I’ve been having a lot of fun using them. Plus, if the runner doesn’t run the card, it’s a great way to score a Vanity Project. I guess?

So the idea here is to install traps until the runner just starts focusing on HQ and R&D. Then you have them. Then you Mushin out your agendas. In my mind, the ideal play is to Mushin an agenda, Snare, or Junebug, then rez all three Bio-Ethics Associations.

You’ve got Back Channels to turn your failed traps into cash, and the cool thing is that they go into archives facedown. Then we can use Defense Construct to return the traps to hand!

You could also just install over them, but then you don’t get your Turtlebacks cash.

Twelve influence is hard though, so we’ve only got Preemptive Action, no Jackson Howard. The price we pay for two-agenda score-to-wins.

Okay, you’ve got me. This deck is uber fragile. It completely relies on the Runner not running any of your advanced stuff. If they run and trash everything, then you’re hooped. But… maybe they’ll die?


ReShell Medtech (Defense Construct)
Harmony Medtech: Biomedical Pioneer
Agenda (5)
2x The Future Perfect
3x Vanity Project  ●●●


Asset (17)
3x Bio-Ethics Association
2x Mental Health Clinic
3x Project Junebug
3x Shock!
3x Snare!
3x Turtlebacks


Upgrade (2)
2x Defense Construct  ●●●●● ●


Operation (12)
3x Back Channels  ●●●
3x Hedge Fund
3x Mushin No Shin
3x Preemptive Action


Barrier (4)
2x Kakugo
2x Vanilla


Code Gate (2)
2x Crick


Sentry (2)
2x Komainu


12 influence spent (max 12, available 0)
18 agenda points (between 18 and 19)
44 cards (min 40)
Cards up to Daedalus Complex


Deck built on


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