Week 3 – Follow Up

UPDATE: A bit of new business! Because Station One is coming out so soon (this week?! Next week?!), I’m stepping up my schedule. There will now be three decks a week. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday will be devoted to decks, with the occasional bonus deck dropping on a Saturday when it makes sense. Enjoy! And resume.


As expected, the Reina was amazing, and the Medtech was fragile.

Unfortunately for me, I only got to play one game with the latest Red Rabbit Reina, and both copies of the Archivist were snuggled at the bottom of the deck. That’s fine though. I still kept Engineering the Future from having any significant amount of money to compete with my Nexus Rig and Power Tap cash.

There was even this really strange situation where I’d drawn two Rabbit Holes, so I only installed one (plus one from Stack) and ended up with four link after Nexus was out. I found that, on turns when I didn’t want to draw and didn’t want to run (he had Snares in hand), I could Nexus into a piece of Ice, deliberately lose the trace to gain 3 credits from Power Tap and a tag, then gain another three credits from Citadel Sanctuary/Power Tap to remove the tag.

Once I found my Masanori though, I could make a successful Keyhole run and run a PAD Campaign to jack out for Sanctuary/Tap cash.

Seriously. This deck makes so much cash. Underworld Contacts, Power Tap twice over, and Liberated Accounts for burst. Love it. ETF could not hide its agendas from me, and he got super flooded. I still won by Keyhole though, since I was afraid of the snare.

As for Medtech… I played it three times. I killed Null with a Snare, and Noise took my agendas away. It’s not a great deck. But it was fun to play. I think a winning strategy is to just put the agendas in archives and protect them with Defense Construct, but Hades Shard is a thing.

I think Jackson would have been very useful. My last game of the night had me try to force an agenda through with only two cards left in R&D. The very last card was the Kakugo that I could’ve used ten turns before to mill the runner out of options as he mercilessly attacked my hand looking for my Future Perfects.

I did get to score a Vanity Project though!



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