Unofficial Android RPG

Sorry folks! No follow up post this week. By the time this post goes live it won’t be a surprise, but I’m on vacation for my birthday! No chance to play Netrunner at the store this week. Next week! So, without further ado…


Do you like roleplaying games?

I do.

Do you know what needs an RPG?

The Android Universe.

I also really love the Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars: Edge of the Empire RPG system. They’ve done a really good job, and you know what Star Wars has in common with Android? Everything but the spaceships and the aliens. Well, and the Force. Don’t worry about it.

It’s honestly criminal that FFG hasn’t printed us an RPG to adventure in the Android Universe. I’m sure they’re working on it, but I’m impatient. So, with the help of Edge of the Empire and Worlds of Android, I hodge podged together this unofficial, completely unsanctioned, free-of-cost RPG hack.

All disclaimers and stuff, I just made this for fun. I did my best to avoid copying rules or proprietary text, simply referencing the Edge of the Empire books when it comes to things like Talents or how to actually play the game.

Hope you enjoy it!

So what does this mean for my blog?

Well, every Monday I’ll be doing an RPG-related post. I’m starting with this one with the rules. Next week I’ll post my Expanded Rules for Net Intrusion (more Netrunner-y hacking rules). After that it’s probably just a quick adventure seed. Maybe some more gear, options, or musings on the system. I’ll also occasionally update the rules if I get any feedback.

And now, the file!



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