Expanded Rules for Net Intrusion

The response for the last RPG post was pretty exciting. The writers and artists and designers at FFG have built such a rich world that it’s no wonder a whole lot of us want to engage with it in varied ways.

But one thing that the Edge of the Empire RPG is missing (to give it that real Netrunner-edged feel) is some advanced rules for dropping ICE and making runs.

This document is an optional addition to my Unofficial Android RPG. With the stuff it contains, you can really explore the type of Runner (or Sysop) you want to be, and you can build your rig and customize your console.

This replaces the Runner Specialization in the original document with a whole new Runner Career. This new career includes four specializations. The rules also cover ICE, runs, servers, and equipment.

Hope you enjoy! This is where a lot of my own design came into play, and I haven’t had the opportunity to test this extensively. I expect this is where we’ll get the most amount of change and updates as people start to poke around the rules. I welcome any and all feedback.

Expanded Rules for Net Intrusion


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