Weeks 4 & 5 – Follow Up

Six decks everybody. Remind me not to take another week off, eh?!

I went down to the local store, the Two-Headed Giant, and brought my six decks. Two criminals, one Apex, two Jinteki, and one NBN. They did well. And adequately. One did terribly.


I played this deck against a Sol that kept Targeted Marketing-ing my Account Siphons. This was definitely one of the better games of the evening as Gabe did Gabe things. First turn, I sniped a GFI out of hand. Then I pulled an NAPD off of the deck a few turns later.

I also got to play an Exploit to derez a Tollbooth and two IP Blocks.

Next, I played my Femme on the derezzed Tollbooth and Inside Jobbed into the remote, that landed me a Beale.

Then things took a turn for the worse. A surprise Ash stopped me from clearing out the SanSan, and I just couldn’t find anything else. He slowly crept up to four points. I eventually went tag me, then he used Psychographics and SanSan to score a GFI for game.

It was an awesome game, super fun, exactly what I love about Netrunner. Aaron supported me, I Siphoned through the Targeted Marketing when he was on 3 credits to leave him at 8, me +10, and then used Aaron to clear the tags. Exploit was powerful, but would’ve been stronger against a more traditional glacier. Against this deck an Emergency Shutdown would have been enough.

Criminal is not dead folks! And if I had found my Turning Wheel at all that game, or a second Temujin in the mid game, I’m certain I would’ve won that easily.

Synth DNA Modification

What did I do to deserve this? Doesn’t everyone love RP? Well, apparently Whizzard with Salsette Slums does not love RP.

He killed my Ice. He killed my Synth DNAs. He killed my Bio-Ethics and my Caprices. Everything died, and then he took all of my agendas. Well, he did Medium dig me for 6, 7, 8: a whole lot, but didn’t find any (they were in HQ). But he also didn’t hit any Snares or Shocks when he was doing that, so I’d say we broke even.

I think the deck has legs, and I think the real challenge is to know just when to rez the Synths and the Bio-Ethicses. Rezzing them one at a time just doesn’t do enough, and the Runner can usually deal with them while they’re just an annoyance.

Also Yog/Sifr just tears through this Ice suite. At least Synth DNA would have made my Yaguras and Cricks and DNA Trackers and other Code Gates do things, but he killed those early.

Right, and Hyoubou and Fumiko were awesome! Lots of fun supporting Psi games a little differently. I think I might give Fumiko a second look in Nisei for funsies.

Spot the Prey

I played this one against a Brain Damage Engineering the Future. He was using Ryon Knight and Batty and Heinlein and lots of nasty Bioroids. Unfortunately for him, the luck of the cards was with me.

Pretty early on, he put something down behind an unrezzed piece of Ice. I had Aaron down and a Siphon in my hand. I thought to myself… “If the top card of R&D is an Agenda, I’ll get Aaron counters, Siphon through his Viktor 1.0, then he’ll be at 0.”

I’d have to be pretty lucky for that to happen.

Well, he didn’t rez the Ice over R&D. Top card was an ABT. I Siphon on click two, clicking through the Viktor, he goes to zero, I clear the tags with Aaron. Next turn I go and check the remote: Vitruvius.

It was downhill from there.

I did use Spot the Prey once, and I did find a Snare! that was pretty cool. The Temujin/Doppleganger/Security Testing/Medium engine was also really fun once it got running. All in all, it was an Andi deck that did Andi things. Ravana was expensive, but not after I’d stored up enough Datasucker tokens.

Ended the game with two brain damage and a reduced hand size from Self Destruct Chips, but I still scored out!

Spot the Prey was really fun, and I think it’s a great two-of card in any Criminal that’s running Temujin. So, any Criminal. If the card you expose is worth it, go there, if it’s not, go to your Temujin or Sec Testing server. Or R&D if you’ve got Medium.

Doppleganger was a lot of fun as well, but Desperado would probably have been more effective at keeping me stable.

Bio-Modeled Network

So Bio-Modeled Network did nothing. I saw one copy of it, and I put it face down.

My Apex durdled a bunch. I was playing against a Hasty CI. My opponent durdled a bunch. He was tired, and it was a complicated deck. I used Prey to great effect a few times. I also used a Knight to get through a Fairchild 3.0.

I scored a Vitruvius. He scored an Efficiency Committee.

I was on very little money. He started his end-game turn to score five points. Then he used the wrong cards and messed up his combo. He was about to deck himself, so he conceded. It was a game of doing not so much and having very little outcome.

Bio-Modeled Network would be pretty cool against some Jinteki builds, and I bet it’ll be really good when Obokata Protocol comes out. But until then, it’s not so amazing. Also I’m not good at Hunger Games Apex.

Net Analytics

This deck was awesome. I mean, it was CTM, so it was relatively easy to play. Draw cards, install assets, score agendas. Archangels and Tollbooths and Data Wards kept Edward Kim away, and he only hammered away one of my Exchanges of Information. Which was cool, he was running Aaron, so I wasn’t expecting that to land.

He did steal my Character Assassination off the top of R&D though. That was unhappy times.

He never had the cash to trash SanSan. The one time he did, he accessed my Mumbad Virtual Tour first. Whenever he removed the tags, I counted cards, checked how much was left in my deck, and double checked for Sensie on the board. Then I drew two or three cards with Net Analytics. Comboed with Sensie, I hid agendas at the bottom of the deck and I scored out a Beale, a Breaking News (clearing a Hacktivist), and then an Astroscript.

On the last turn, he made the unfortunate choice to go through my Data Ward and trash my SanSan. That let me draw three with Analytics. Three more with Sensie. One more for mandatory, and in that mitt of cards, I found the last Beale to score it with the Astro counter.

Good thing Astroscripts are limit one per deck now, eh?

I think Net Analytics worked wonderfully here. Probably need Hard-Hitting News though.


This was my last game of the night. Well, actually, we had two games of it, but the first game was over quickly as he died to Bio Ethics.


This was my last game of the night. Kate faced up against Potential Unleashed. We played for maybe 80 minutes. And this deck did wonderfully.

He must have hit four or five Snares.

I must’ve played Friends in High Places four or five times (mostly recurring Bio-Ethics, also recurring NASX).

I had three PAD Campaigns running for most of the game.

An early Chronos Protocol killed half of his deck, but didn’t get the Levy. It did get his Fracter though. So he had to rely on Chameleon to break anything other than Code Gates. His rig? Two Cyber Cyphers. One at HQ, one at R&D.

We burned through the rest of his deck, and he played the Levy. We burned through that deck again, then he started selling everything he had to Aesop to try and get through my R&D for single accesses. R&D was a Kakugo, a DNA Tracker, an Enigma, and a Yagura. I’d removed two Jacksons and two Preemptive Actions, and my Archives had maybe three cards left in it when I won the game.

For a lot of the game, a single agenda would be his win. I’d scored a House of Knives, a Chronos, and eventually a Future Perfect. He’d scored a Fetal, a House of Knives, a Chronos, and my Philotic.

But I lucked out. He hit all my Snares. He hit Shocks. And in the end, I killed him with three Bio Ethics when he was on one card in Grip, zero in Stack.

I love this deck.


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