Mad Dash

On the Clock

Sunny toggled the heads up display on her Nexus. 4:13 PM.

She was starting to get annoyed.

The Haas-Bioroid server cluster she’d been poking for the last hour was running her in circles. Her Globalsec-issued icebreakers were battling with the new countermeasures that the megacorp had installed, but the servers were only spitting out more and more useless data.

Sunny completed another run. She’d had to route extra power through her Nexus from a back door source to bypass a particularly nasty piece of ICE with a glowing gold and red net presence. More junk data.

4:17 PM.

“Hell,” she said, keying in the sequence for her credentials. “If we can’t do it the fair way, we’ll finish this contract the easy way.”

Once the scripts started running, reams of data flooded her terminal. The HB servers chugged along, Bioroid ICE trying to track her movements, but they recognized her info queries as friendly.

And there it was.

4:22 PM.

Sunny initiated her run, pushing her consciousness to meld with the headset from her terminal. The sides of her vision fuzzed and her neck started to ache. She was in too deep, but it wouldn’t take too long.

At the root of the server, after having tricked, pressed, and smashed her way through all of the company’s ICE, Sunny found the last bit of data she’d been contracted to steal.

It was cheating to clinch the last bit of the contract using her code clearances, but she’d still be able to write up a decent report on the Fairchild line’s efficacy.

4:31 PM.

“Shit,” Sunny said, disconnecting her headset and tossing it to the top of her terminal. She sprinted for the door.

She nearly bowled over Gallagher, the executive assistant on this floor, as he brought a tray of coffee down to the VPs in the board room.

“Where’s the fire, boss?”

“No time squirt, the damned after school care charges by the minute if you’re late.”

Who Needs a Spy Cam?

I had two versions of this deck. One used Find the Truth and Sec Testing, but I think I’ve come back around to this version.

Ever since it came out, I’ve wanted to make “Another Day, Another Paycheck” work. It’s such a cool card, and I knew it would be amazing when I could find a deck that fit Power Tap as well. I mean, I tried to fit ADAP into my Red Rabbit Reina, but the influence is just so tight in that iteration.

Here, we’re paying influence for Temujin and Adjusted Chronotype mostly. Good think Sunny has 25. Also that Temujin is two influence instead of three (which I think it should’ve been. Maybe even four).

So what’s this deck do? Pretty straightforward really. You get your Globalsec Security Clearance and your Adjusted Chronotype down, then you play ADAP and Mad Dash into R&D to score some points.

We’ve got the good old Citadel Sanctuary combo with Masanori and Power Taps and Rabbit Holes, so we should be getting lots of money. Don’t forget your Data Foldings and Underworld Contacts as well!

Try not to get too laser focused on R&D. I’m sure that’ll tip the game and have the corp super ICE it. I’d say your early game target is HQ with off-runs for the remote. Plus Datasucker/Temujin runs on Archives. Let them get their ICE set up.

Then drop the GSC and make sure they never see another agenda.

The other version dropped the GSC and Adjusted Chronotype for Find the Truth. Losing out on some influence, I went for 2x Security Testing which made Jak Sinclair a bit more useful. But in retrospect, I think this version below is probably more stable. Just can’t argue with Temujin.

EOD Sunny (Mad Dash)

Sunny Lebeau: Security Specialist


Event (13)

2x Another Day, Another Paycheck

3x Career Fair  ●●●

2x Hostage  ●●●●

3x Mad Dash

3x Sure Gamble


Hardware (5)

3x Rabbit Hole  ●●●

2x Security Nexus


Resource (24)

2x Adjusted Chronotype  ●●●●

2x Citadel Sanctuary

2x Daily Casts

2x Data Folding

3x Earthrise Hotel

2x Globalsec Security Clearance

1x Jak Sinclair

1x John Masanori

3x Power Tap  ●●●

3x Temüjin Contract  ●●●●● ●

3x Underworld Contact


Icebreaker (6)

2x GS Sherman M3

2x GS Shrike M2

2x GS Striker M1


Program (2)

2x Datasucker  ●●


25 influence spent (max 25, available 0)

50 cards (min 50)

Cards up to Daedalus Complex
Deck built on


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