RPG – Hook 1

Android is a Cybernoir setting, so the obvious first hook is a murder.

We’re also entrenched in Mars right now, so let’s make it a Martian Murder!

This hook is probably best for a group themed around

  • Police
  • Investigators
  • Private Security

For days, Khondi Plaza has been clogged with demonstrations and protesters. The only reason it hasn’t devolved into a full-on riot yet is the heavy presence of MCA security forces. Still, there is crime and violence. Agitators who step too far out of line are subdued without mercy, and opportunists flit through the masses stealing anything small enough to grab.

The situation wasn’t helped when the Earth delegation arrived, their transport forcing its way through the crowds using threats of violence. To the gathered Martians, the Earth diplomats personified gratuitous wealth and the exploitation of the underclass. Having more Earth perspectives cluttering up Martian politics was unconscionable.

There was no major incident as the visitors reached the Khondi Tower. It was the next day that everything hit the fan.

Khalid Duvorek, a New Angeles resident and ambassador to Mars had been murdered in his rooms. Pro-clan propaganda was graffitied throughout the murder scene, suggesting a Martian extremist group was responsible, but is that the whole story?

Some thoughts on where to go with this

  • Clans framing Clans
  • Corporate buy-off gone wrong
  • In-flight personal entanglements gone bad
  • Professional hit
  • Ratcheting tension between MCA and Clans

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