Jemison Astronautics/Oberth Protocol

New Paneling

“Looks good from here. Fire three?” Even though they were using the best equipment that money could buy, Carver’s voice still sounded hollow over the communications to Dor.

“Roger that. Firing three.”

The little shuttle that Dor was flying in upper orbit over Mars looked like a squat beetle with long, spindly arms. The arms were articulated, fine-detail repair rigs that were currently poking and prodding at the exo-structure of one of her employer’s new long-range delivery rockets.

Carver, Dor’s copilot, was in a suit doing an arms-length inspection of the damage to the rocket.

As Dor keyed in the code to test fire the third of four engines they were working on, a thin blue plume of exhaust and plasma shot outward from the rocket. Dor’s ship, WXLS-231, automatically adjusted her vectors to realign with the ballistic rocket. It was a good ship. In her heard, Dor had named it Wexel.

“Three looks good. Fire four?”

Rockets from Earth didn’t usually cross paths with space rocks. The calculating corps at Gagarin Deep Space usually had a bead on anything larger than a bead in the transit between Earth and Mars. Still, one couldn’t always account for human error. When a Martian comet jockey pulled too hard a turn and burn and his payload slipped its vector, the occasional nugget would fly off where no one was expecting a rock to be. The result? A few gazillion credits in damage to Weyland property. Dor didn’t want to be that comet jockey right now.

After another half an hour of checks and re-checks, Carver made his way back to Wexel and spun the airlock.

“Yo, Johnson,” he said as he dropped into the chair beside Dor. “Where’re we putting down?”

“Shipping in to Daedalus. We’re to follow the Oberth as it descends.”

“Five by, Captain. Let’s set this bird on the dirt.”

By the Numbers

Before I’d thought about starting this blog, I’d already spoiled myself by checking out Saan’s “A Ramp to Mars” deck on NRDB. It’s got an awesome agenda suite, and I really loved the inclusion of 24/7 News Cycle. So clever. Saan’s deck is definitely a great place to start with Jemison.

I’m a little bit worried about the economy in the build that I made, but I’m hoping Hostile Takeovers and Commercializations will be enough of a core to get at least a resilient board state out before we start ramping up our agendas. Of course, with 24/7, we can trigger when scored abilities like High-Risk Investment and Hostile Takeover again, and it sacks an agenda at will on our turn, letting us advance our stuff more quickly.

I elected for the Midseasons/Scorch package rather than a Boom because I just can’t ever make Boom work. I should give it more of a try, but I just like the threat of Scorch so much more. Plus Aaron is a jerk.

Good thing Contract Killers give us an answer to Aaron. Plus Contract Killers trigger from Oberth, so you can install, advance +Oberth, rez, and click the Killer to remove pesky Aarons.

Don’t forget that Oberth can help you double-advance ICE protecting Oberth’s server. That’s going to be key to landing big Commercializations and keeping our Oberth safe.

I think Jemison is going to be a really, really cool way to play Netrunner, and I can’t wait to try this out.

Unfortunately, Shouty Cat hits Oberth. Frustrating. At least we can Hostile out of that?

Investment Space Jemison (Oberth Protocol)

Jemison Astronautics: Sacrifice. Audacity. Success.


Agenda (11)
2x False Lead
3x High-Risk Investment
3x Hostile Takeover
3x Project Atlas


Asset (6)
2x Contract Killer
3x Jackson Howard ●●●
1x Space Camp


Upgrade (3)
3x Oberth Protocol


Operation (12)
2x 24/7 News Cycle ●●●●● ●
3x Commercialization
1x Consulting Visit
3x Hedge Fund
1x Midseason Replacements ●●●●
2x Scorched Earth


Barrier (5)
2x Fire Wall
3x Ice Wall


Code Gate (7)
2x Enigma
2x Mausolus
2x Pop-up Window ●●
1x Wormhole


Sentry (4)
2x Archer
2x Sapper


Multi (1)
1x Orion


15 influence spent (max 15, available 0)
20 agenda points (between 20 and 21)
49 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Daedalus Complex

Deck built on


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