RPG – Hook 2

On Tuesday we start our journey through Station One cards, so let’s have an adventure to celebrate it.


This hook is probably best for a group themed around

  • Runner Collectives
  • Criminals
  • Spies
  • Freedom Fighters

Conversely, with a little modification, you could be MCA operatives or private security hired to protect the mark.

Word came down that one of your inner circle was a mole for the MCA. And that simply won’t do. Your source couldn’t identify the traitor, but there was no mistake: someone had turned over compromising files from your operation without clearing the identifying markers.

Once the MCA ran your info through their servers, those identifying markers were picked up by an allied cell, and they’d relayed the bad news.

Now you’ve got a half dozen of your closest informants, fences, thugs, and lowlifes at the Mother Molloy’s Irish Pub on sixth level, and you need to find the traitor before he or she can leak any more data to the law.

Some thoughts on where to go with this

  • Murder-mystery style social encounters
  • Burn it all down
  • Maybe the allies aren’t allies after all
  • The MCA crashes the meet

One additional note: Mother Molloy’s is an Irish-style pub and restaurant chain completely staffed by clones. See The Worlds of Android pages 66 and 67.


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