Week 7 – Follow Up

Another Tuesday, Another Follow Up (see what I did there?)

Jemison Astronautics/Oberth Protocol

Jemison is not the deck for me. I thought it would be. It looked fun. It was way too much combo. Do I sack this agenda now and advance this so I can do this? Do I install here and wait a turn to sack on their turn? Do I just click for credits? Do I advance some ICE for a Commercialization? What if I advance the wrong ice and give away that I’m holding five points in hand?

So many decision points, and each one can lead to catastrophic failure. It’s a tough deck to pilot.

Nearing the end of my first game (which I won by Scorch against a DLR deck that didn’t have Paparazzi out), I realized that I had three points scored and three points forfeited. With not really an amazing board state to show for it. Though a seven-advanced Fire Wall on my scoring remote was pretty slick.

If my opponent had been more aggressive, played his Paparazzi, or capitalized on a few openings, I absolutely would not have won that game. Jemison is complicated. But totally worthwhile! I think there’s a strong archetype there that I haven’t seen yet. It’s probably kill.

Also Oberth is cool as hell. Tricky to use and easy to blow up, but really, really cool. I think any Oberth deck should probably be using Public Support (edit, thanks Brett!) though. Relying on Hostiles made bad pub just too, too prevalent.

Quarantine System

I don’t think this is a good card. Played this one against a Geist. I think it’s an edge-case card that helps you when you’ve been Siphoned into oblivion and you need to rez some ICE. But it’s still one to rez, so if you’re at zero, it’s not really an answer. If it’s already up, it’s not a surprise, and you have to weigh how many points you want to sack to get ICE up.

I tried it once. Sacked a Firmware Upgrades for a Mausolus and Fire Wall. So I lost an Agenda Point, Advanced my Fire Wall twice (Mausolus was already advanced to three), and paid one to rez. The result? Saved four credits and still spent another five.

I don’t think this card is worth it.

However, this game sure made me love Mausolus more. Mausolus and Fire Walls with Firmware Updates is really, really strong.

Khondi Plaza

Played this one against Whizzard. Dang. That was a bad call.

Turns out Whizzard is really good at trashing Political Assets, PAD Campaigns, and other sideways assets. You know, the things that make Khondi work.

Also, it turns out that if you score three Hostiles and give Whizzard three bad publicity, your assets get shredded even more. You get one good fire of Elizabeth Mills, but the Whizzard went to check it the turn after you install. You only get to remove one bad publicity, then she’s gone.

Oh, and Sifr is a thing. You see a Parasite hit your DNA Tracker, and you go “Dang, at least I’m Blue Sun and I can pick that up.” Then they run and Sifr it to zero and you lose your ICE.

I’m not salty. I swear! Heh.

The game went on longer than it should have because I had a Vanity Project and Government Takeover in hand. Three hostiles scored, and he had stolen both of my Atlases. There was only the Eden Fragment left in the deck, and he wasn’t seeing it. He did eventually pull the Vanity out of my hand.

I simply didn’t have any opportunity to build a scoring remote, at any time. I don’t think it was bad draws or bad plays, I think it was that I had no way to recover from Sifr/Parasite recursion.

As for Khondi Plaza, I’m not convinced it’d be any good in this deck. Three to Rez is rough. Though if the Runner lets you get three ICE deep on HQ and then lets you have four or five remotes, you’ll start seeing crazy returns with Blue Sun bounces. But how likely is that to happen? Not very.

Signal Jamming

Both of my Signal Jammings hung out in R&D the whole game, so I couldn’t really evaluate the card. It didn’t make a difference though as my opponent (on Pre-Paid Kate) was expecting Ark Lockdown and didn’t let any of his breakers stay in the heap.

He very conveniently didn’t run any of my servers with program trashing subroutines, and so Batty didn’t let me get rid of his Lady or Mimic.

He did play a lot of Indexing. Hit a Mad Dash/Global Foods with one of those. Pulled a lot of agendas out of my deck.

Unfortunately, by the time I was ready to start scoring (money, ice on remote, Batty and Caprice put back with Friends), he ran R&D with an interface and hit a Nisei to win the game.

I probably should’ve been going faster, but he’d already gotten to three points by the time I found an ETR ICE to put on my remote.

Signal Jamming is a cool card, and I think it makes a good addition here, but I didn’t get to play it. Nothing really to say there!


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