Seidr Adaptive Barrier

Break Time

Ash 2X3ZB9CY walked through the SanSan offices of Haas-Bioroid reviewing his social subroutines.

The proper response is “Yes, thank you.”

As two technicians rounded a corner ahead of Ash 2X3ZB9CY, he raised one of his hands in a friendly gesture of acknowledgement. The two technicians continued by, not glancing at Ash 2X3ZB9CY.

Was my timing incorrect? Should I have verbalized?

The proper response is “Yes, thank you.”

Turning left at the junction, Ash 2X3ZB9CY approached the communal gathering area. His sensors detected the slight rise in temperature as more bodies congregated, and he could detect trace chemicals in the air that suggested a quantity of coffee had been prepared.

Coffee gathering at 10:12 AM. Observations prove correct. Proceedings continue as expected.

The proper response is “Yes, thank you.”

Ash 2X3ZB9CY approached the central food dispensary. It was a small, round table in the center of the room. There was no staff—Android or human. It was designed as a help-yourself buffet of fresh and healthy snacks. Also, there was coffee.

The proper response is “Yes, thank you.”

Carefully, Ash 2X3ZB9CY retrieved a Haas-Bioroid logo-emblazoned ceramic cup. He placed it beneath the coffee dispenser and depressed the toggle, allowing the hot, aromatic liquid to fill the cup to 80% of its capacity.

Ash 2X3ZB9CY raised the cup to his nasal sensor array the way he had observed humans do it. He mimed a deep breath and let out a pleased sigh approximation. The smells were harsh but nuanced. Ash 2X3ZB9CY enjoyed the smell of coffee.

Footsteps sounded behind Ash 2X3ZB9CY, and Jorg Hallivan stepped up beside the bioroid. Jorg Hallivan was a repair technician. He had performed several of Ash 2X3ZB9CY’s maintenance reviews in the past few months.

“Hey buddy,” Jorg Hallivan said as he filled his own cup 97% full. “Want a little sugar in that coffee?”

This was the fourth time that this particular social interaction had happened. Always before, Ash 2X3ZB9CY had responded to Jorg Hallivan with a negative, and the social interaction had ended. This troubled Ash 2X3ZB9CY. He would like to continue this social interaction beyond one exchange.

“Yes, th—” Ash 2X3ZB9CY started to say, but Jorg had turned away from the coffee machine. He raised his hand in a friendly gesture of acknowledgement towards a group of other technicians and moved away.

Ash 2X3ZB9CY looked down at his mug of coffee, then poured it down the drain before carefully placing the cup in a receptacle.

“Yes, thank you.” Ash 2X3ZB9CY said quietly.

It was not the proper response.

Hungry for more of the same?

I was playing on Monday against my friend’s Engineering the Future, and he dropped a Seidr Adaptive Barrier on R&D. It was frustrating. It was very, very frustrating. With two pieces of ICE behind it, it was a strength five barrier.

Obviously, this is a cool, good piece of ICE.

Now, with all the amazing code gates coming to HB recently, it’s awesome that we get some good barriers to go along in the suite.

The deck is really nothing special at all. It’s your standard FoodCoats deck with Seidr and Fairchild in the mix. We’ve got Ash, we’ve got Breaker Bay, and with Rumor Mill on the list and Eli 1.0 off, we’ve got a singleton of Caprice. Let’s play some good, old-fashioned Netrunner.

AdaptiCoats (Siedr Adaptive Barrier)

Haas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future


Agenda (9)
3x Accelerated Beta Test
3x Global Food Initiative ●●●
3x Project Vitruvius


Asset (10)
3x Adonis Campaign
2x Advanced Assembly Lines
3x Eve Campaign
2x Jackson Howard ●●


Upgrade (5)
2x Ash 2X3ZB9CY
2x Breaker Bay Grid
1x Caprice Nisei ●●●●


Operation (5)
2x Biotic Labor
3x Hedge Fund


Barrier (6)
3x Eli 1.0
3x Seidr Adaptive Barrier


Code Gate (9)
2x Enigma
1x Fairchild
2x Ravana 1.0
2x Tollbooth ●●●●
2x Turing


Sentry (5)
2x Architect ★★
2x Ichi 1.0
1x Ichi 2.0


15 influence spent (max 15, available 0)
21 agenda points (between 20 and 21)
49 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Station One

Deck built on


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