RPG – Successful Demonstration 1

In a Successful Demonstration post, I add a few more pieces of ICE to my Unofficial Android RPG system. Specifically for use with the Expanded Rules for Net Intrusion module.

To start us off, I grabbed what I thought were the most iconic pieces of ICE for each faction (including neutral) from the Genesis cycle. As I complete Successful Demonstrations, they’ll either be the same (moving onto Spin cycle and so on), or they’ll be themed ones—like Grail or NEXT.

Name Manufacturer Rez Subtypes Str Subroutines
Eli 1.0 Haas-Bioroid 3 Barrier, Bioroid 4 The Runner can spend one maneuver to break any subroutine on Eli 1.0.

  • End the run.
  • End the run.
Caduceus Weyland 3 Sentry, Tracer 3
  • Trace3 – If successful, flip one Destiny point to dark, if able.
  • Trace2 – If successful, end the run.
Dracō Open Source 1 Sentry, Tracer 0 When the Sysop rezzes Dracō, he or she may spend advantages and additional successes to place X power counters on Dracō.

Dracō has +1 strength for each power counter on it.

  • Trace2 – If successful, give the Runner 1 tag and end the run.
Pop-up Window NBN 0 Code Gate, Advertisement 0 When the Runner encounters Pop-up Window, flip one Destiny point to dark, if able.

  • End the run unless the Runner spends 10 credits.
Whirlpool Jinteki 0 Trap 1
  • The Runner cannot jack out for the remainder of this run. Trash Whirlpool.

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