Week 8 – Follow Up

This is going to be an exciting week.

First, Terminal Directive will drop on Thursday. My local store has mentioned that it should be in stock by Friday, so I’ll have to get that. Of course, that means a ton of new cards to deal with! I’m not sure how I’ll do it yet, but I’d love to give them a bunch of time.

There’ll probably be a bonus post to talk about the tournament-legal cards plus a spoiler-free review of the campaign once I’ve played it.

Also! We had a tournament at the Two-Headed Giant on the 23rd. Lots of fun, Q2 GNK. Once the standings make their way onto Acoo, I’ll put up a bonus post tournament report for that as well.

Anywho, that all out of the way, let’s hear about last week’s decks!

Severnius Stim Implant

I made the wrong deck. This Null deck needs to be refocused or killed outright, and Severnius was counter-synergy that I was apparently blind to? I dunno. It seemed to make sense that I needed to get cards out of my hand to turn on Emptied Mind, but I also have a ton of things that already do that. Plus I have no recursion, so I couldn’t double dip.

My buddy David was playing a cool Severnius Whizzard that (obviously) used Deja Vu and Conspiracy breakers. Plus lots of draw in case he wanted to do a deep dig.

I don’t know how I missed the boat. Anywho, I played this against David’s Palana and got stuffed by a Lotus Field. Because I don’t have Black Orchestra or Net-Ready Eyes.

Not enough card draw. Not enough answers. This deck needs to retire.

Seidr Adaptive Barrier

This ICE is amazing. This deck is by the numbers.

I played it against a DLR MaxX and just made enough money to trash his DLR build, then was patient enough to run through his deck. No Levy. Then I scored through. He was on four points, so it could’ve gone either way, but I’d locked him into single accesses off of R&D through an Architect. He had to hope that he saw two agendas stacked together. Twice.

What really saved the game was Enigma. That’s how I kept him out of the scoring remote once he only had one card in hand. Faust is sad when there’s no Levy.

Clan Vengeance

Played this against an Argus, but unfortunately he didn’t find much ICE. Started a remote server early… then I siphoned him.

He still didn’t find ICE, and I found my Keyhole. I found two three pointers and went to pick them up. Took the meat damage.

He chose to ICE archives. I ran R&D. No agenda. I keyholed R&D. Agenda! Ran archives. Fire Wall.

So he started to build his board state, and I got to nine credits. Then I used a Deja Vu to grab a Hades Shard. Install. Trash. Get the game win.

Two Clan Vengeances hit the bin. Which is too bad, because against Argus I could’ve been getting extra counters!

Clan Vengeance is super, super cool. I definitely will try it in other builds.

Nerine 2.0

Nerine was cool. I rezzed it on my remote and David clicked through it once. This game was silly though. He was Whizzard, then he rebirthed into Reina. For the fun.

You see, I was Stronger Together. Not Engineering the Future. So I didn’t actually have all the money I thought I did. I cheated a bunch, then we caught it, and I paid a bunch of credits back to the bank.

So David figured it would be anti-fun if he just Whizzarded away my assets. So Reina! Which was cool, because I had Surat City.

So he Vamps me. Then asks if I want to rez anything.

Sure do! I rez Surat. Then I rez Jackson on Surat. That means I rez two ICE on my remote (Ravana and Eli of four ice), then I rez one ICE on R&D (Fairchild). He vamps me through an Architect. I go to zero, and he only had to spend three instead of like 15.

Whatever. Look at all my ICE!

Then begins the slow slog of me trying to get money, him denying it of me, and then him Mediuming me. I slam every asset and agenda I can into my remote to get him to waste his cash and time so I can recover. It barely works.

He occasionally runs HQ and steals agendas. The agony!

Of course, in the end, he won. But it was a damn fine game.


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