Counter Surveillance

I see you

Kim had let them find him. His digital prints had been glaringly obvious all over the credit transfer, and as expected, Cynthia Haas had sent her golem enforcers to shut him down.

The squat pad that Kim had hacked the HB cred accounts from was a rat hole in a sea of rat holes down in the dregs of New Angeles—exactly the sort of place the corps would expect an amateur runner out for a quick buck would set up. Someone who didn’t know how the corps’ minds worked.

But Kim knew, and from his vantage point across the street, he watched with anticipation as an armoured hopper pulled up to the domicile’s entrance.

The hopper was unmarked, but it had the sleek, clean lines of something designed by HB and maintained in their exacting machine shops.

The driver stepped out, revealing the shiny, inhuman eyes of a golem as it expertly checked the street for threats. It must’ve noticed something off—something about how empty the street was—because it tapped the surveillance mode into active on the hopper and stepped away from the vehicle slowly.

The first shot took it in the chest.

And that opened the flood gates.

Street-clothed figures with sledgehammers spilled out of every doorway down the street and converged on the van. The golem was leaning against the hopper and tapping something furiously into the interior console when a hammer smashed into the machine’s backplate.

The rear doors of the hopper slammed open and four more golems marched out, automatic weapons firing suppression rounds into the real people.

They fell quickly, and Kim hefted his heavy bag and started to make his way down to street level.

When Kim got out onto the road, a light rain had started. The water mixed with the golems’ fluids and streaked an oily red down the street and into the gutter.

Carlos raised his reddened hammer in salute to Kim. “Eddie, you promised, they came. Human First!”

“Human First!” Kim replied. Then he knelt beside the driver, pulling shattered bits of dermal plating out of the way.

“Whatcha doing?” Carlos asked.

“The real mission,” Kim replied. He pulled a console from his bag and hooked it into the golem’s central systems.

Access granted.

Kim smiled. “Exactly what I needed.”

Stop. Hammer time

Another siphon spam deck? Oh well.

The goal here is to hammer HQ. Smash it in. Take their cash, peel away their ICE, and make sure they never have time to build a scoring remote or ever have enough money to fast advance something out.

When you’re set up enough—Siphon, Vamp, drop a Counter Surveillance, and hit R&D for three cards. Same Old Thing or Déjà vu to do it again! And again!

As you’re smashing into HQ, Bhagat will help with the pressure.

Peace in Our Time and Day Job will help us money up when we just can’t make a run this turn.

We’ll be relying on Obelus for most of our card draw, so that might be a weak point in the deck. Also, if you start floating tags, then you’d better keep the Corp poor, because Bhagat is a tempting target.

At least we can keep SoT and CS in hand until we need them.

If you’re in a meta that has lots of Closed Accounts, maybe it makes sense to throw in a few Pre-Paid Voice Pads. That lets you have the recurring credits you need to play Peace in Our Time immediately after your credits crash.

Oh, and why Kim again? Because we’re hitting HQ a lot. Also we’re doing Counter Surveillance on R&D. So trashing operations will disrupt their plans and make our digs deeper.

Also I hadn’t built an Edward Kim deck in a while.

Headlock Kim (Counter Surveillance)

Edward Kim: Humanity’s Hammer


Event (22)
2x Account Siphon ●●●●● ●●●
3x Day Job
3x Déjà Vu
3x Dirty Laundry
1x Forked
1x Knifed
2x Peace in Our Time ●●
1x Spooned
3x Sure Gamble
3x Vamp


Hardware (3)
3x Obelus


Resource (8)
2x Bhagat
3x Counter Surveillance
3x Same Old Thing


Icebreaker (6)
1x Black Orchestra
1x Mimic
1x MKUltra
2x Paperclip
1x Yog.0 ★


Program (6)
3x Datasucker
3x Parasite ★★★


14 influence spent (max 15, available 1)
45 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Station One

Deck built on


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