RPG – Hook 3

Terminal Directive dropped last week, so let’s do a murder mystery!

No, wait, we already did that.

Hmmmm… how about we do a corp-side cover up job?

This hook is probably best for a group themed around

  • Investigators
  • Police
  • Private Security
  • Corporate Executives


The data was gone. Your sysops scrubbed each server looking for any routing signature that could explain how it’d left the network.

Hard copy? Did you have a mole?

Or was it a digital intrusion that your countermeasures had been too slow to detect?

Either way, the data was compromising. Your field tests were less than legal, and it can now be traced back to your company. You and your team must reacquire the data at any cost. Using any means.

Some thoughts on where to go with this

  • Infiltrated by an NBN reporter
  • Rival company stole proprietary info
  • A curious runner doesn’t know what she has
  • Rival company hires runner, gets double crossed

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