Los: Data Highjacker

Ladies and gentlemen, a new treat! Please welcome our very first guest poster, Justin Bell (@jujobell).


It was the hat. The one part of the disguise he hated the most. Why did Consolidated Security Group make their contractors wear such stupid hats?

Not that it made much difference what type of hat it was. Los hated any form of head covering. It made him feel constricted, trapped, cagedit made him feel imprisoned. Even the thought of the word sent shivers up his spine.

Prison was an ever-present reality for criminals. Getting recognized and turned in to the authorities was an even greater risk when you were walking into the belly of the beast.

Los was a legend around these parts. The man who ghosted through ICE like it wasn’t even there. Countermeasures would detect him one minute, but then go dormant the next. Entire afternoons at security conferences were dedicated to the man who could turn a network’s defences into his own personal power reserve.

He slipped past the security desk, flashing his fake corporate identification to a rent-a-cop whose head was lolling dangerously close to his chest. What should have been the most dangerous part, the spiky outer defences of this security nexus, was in fact torn down by the one thing designers couldn’t control for, human boredom.

He entered the tube lift behind the security desk, reaching for the 55th floor out of habit. This was a trip he had made numerous times, one he planned to make numerous more. This gig was paying out well for Los, and he wasn’t going to walk away from a sure payday.

If only all of those academics in their ivory towers knew the simple answer to his cyber-security successhe designed the very systems he was credited with disrupting. He built most of the commonly-used server protections currently on the market, selling them to over-worked mid-level managers at major security firms, people who could hide a small fortune inside massive government contracts.

They just wanted the shiny goods he could provide, showing off what they thought were superior ICE programs to bosses who were none the wiser. A million plugged-in monkeys hammering away at a million virtual keyboards couldn’t come up with this ridiculous storyline. It was like taking candy from a baby.

The tube dinged with a familiar tone. Los walked out into a nondescript hallway, pulling his hat low down over his eyes. It was a quick jaunt to his corporate lackey. He slipped through the door quickly and quietly, closing it behind him. The quick zap of a circuit completing was the last thing Los heard.

Rez the ice. Or not. Your call.

This build is largely a “good Criminal cards” Los build. I felt he would be best using a lot of the regular Criminal tools, getting into almost any server while still pressuring centrals. Nothing fancy here, just some of the best blue cards on the market in an ID that can capitalize on doing what you are supposed to be doing: running.

I went for Exploit in this build rather than Emergency Shutdown, which may end up being a mistake. Exploit does have a big “setup” in that you have to hammer each central, then play this card. This means, with no way of gaining clicks, I can’t actually exploit “Exploit” on the same turn I played it.

Instead, I look at it as a bonus to hitting all three centrals. The Gauntlet, while slightly expensive, allows me to pressure HQ. Unrezzed HQ ice now turns into a double threat to the corp; providing me with credits and extra cards on access. The 2MU also allows me to install all of my breakers and still have room for Sneakdoor Beta.

The Turning Wheel provides me just a bit of extra multi-access, good for gaining tokens when I use Account Siphon. High-Stakes Job also has synergies with Los. As well, it’s great with Exploit. Now I have the money and the breakers to get through the ice that’s face down, and I know what it is after de-rezzing it myself.

Run the rezzes (Los)

Los: Data Hijacker


Event (18)

3x Account Siphon

3x Career Fair

2x Exploit

3x Forged Activation Orders

2x High-Stakes Job

2x Inside Job

3x Sure Gamble


Hardware (3)

3x The Gauntlet


Resource (16)

2x Aaron Marrón

2x Blockade Runner

3x Earthrise Hotel

2x Same Old Thing

3x Temüjin Contract ★★★

2x The Turning Wheel  ●●

2x Xanadu  ●●●●


Icebreaker (6)

1x Breach

1x Gordian Blade  ●●●

2x Mongoose

1x Paperclip  ●●●

1x Passport


Program (2)

2x Sneakdoor Beta


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