Our friend Justin (@jujobell) returns for another guest post!

The greater good

From 150 stories up, the workers in the domed fields looked like ants scurrying around the fields. It was a cliched analogy, Hiro knew, but one that fit the situation. It would have to do.

Feeding the red planet was a back-breaking endeavour. On Mars, it meant constantly increasing yields, pushing crop science to the bleeding edge. It also meant sacrifices in the labour pool. It was for the greater good.

Hiro’s PAD pinged. He turned slowly from the window, focusing his attention on his desk, wondering who would be sending him a message at this hour in the cycle. His staff knew it was his time for self-reflection and improvement.

The message was a single line.

New strain shown to improve yield by 2.2 per cent.

There was but one way forward. His hands flew over the keys. For another man, it may be a difficult decision, but at Jinteki, the hard decisions were often the easiest.

Pull up all of the X23 product. I want X24 across the entire production line. Have it done yesterday.

There would be sacrifices to attain perfection. But there always is.

Sharp like the flow of water

Yes, it’s a 54 card deck. No, I didn’t include Museum of History nor any of the regular cheese cards. I have always built corp decks around a theme or card, looking to build it out thematically rather than optimized to win.

I have also enjoyed the thousand-cuts variant of Jinteki, putting down traps and enticing runners to jump down that rabbit hole with both feet. I played Nisei for a very long time, playing a shell game with traps, assets and agendas.

With this build I have gone with two non-advancing traps in both Edge of World and Snare! The former is helpful to put in a glacier server, holding the place of where your agendas will eventually go. The latter is … well, it’s Snare! It wins games.

Replanting is great because I can pull back a failed trap and then … what did I put in that server? Was it another trap? An asset? Did I find the agenda I was looking for? Maybe just a Hokusai over a Snare! You never know.

Ever shifting (Replanting)

Pālanā Foods: Sustainable Growth


Agenda (12)

3x Clone Retirement

3x Corporate Sales Team

2x House of Knives

1x Philotic Entanglement

3x The Future Perfect


Asset (13)

2x Adonis Campaign  ●●●●

1x Chairman Hiro

2x Edge of World

3x Launch Campaign


2x Pālanā Agroplex

2x Snare!


Upgrade (4)

2x Hokusai Grid

2x Mumbad City Grid


Operation (10)

3x Friends in High Places  ●●●

3x Hedge Fund

1x Mushin No Shin

3x Replanting


Barrier (5)

1x Bulwark  ●●●

2x Chiyashi

2x Kakugo


Code Gate (6)

2x Crick

2x DNA Tracker

2x Enigma


Sentry (4)

2x Komainu

2x Pup


10 influence spent (max 15, available 5)

22 agenda points (between 22 and 23)

54 cards (min 45)

Cards up to Station One


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