System Seizure

Now you see me

“Vivian Jemila, if I have to come in there one more time and you are not doing your homework, there will be hell to pay.”

Jemila nearly dropped the PAD in her haste to swap screens. Her mother didn’t make good on the threat though, happy to terrorize Jemila from the hallway.

Once the old goat had tromped away, Jemila swapped her calculus homework back to the live feed. Smoke was running again today, and nobody missed a Smoke broadcast.

Jemila knew that with the right rig anyone could attempt what Smoke was doing—but nobody could do it with her flair, with her grace.

But Jemila would be the next. She knew she had what it took. She knew that all she needed was a rig to get up and running, then she could be running too.

Smoke broke through the ICE, pressed her attack, then started it again—skating across the countermeasures with a snarky laugh, showing how easy it was.

Jemila just needed her chance.


I had so many great ideas for a System Seizure deck. The influence is so low, that it would be great to be exported somewhere else. Like an Escher Sunny deck? Or a pumpable breakers good stuff Criminal? Plus it’s a current that costs zero! I love System Seizure.

But in the end, I realized that it works best with AIs. And what’s an AI that I haven’t played with yet? Dai V.

Another option I had been considering was just a straight Stealth deck (because of the great credit-to-strength ratios), but then I’d have multiple breakers. I also considered an Overmind deck in CT, but it would still probably get expensive since Overmind is strength 0.

Lastly, there was the idea of a Baba Yaga deck. But again, there are already strong builds for that with good answers to high-strength ICE. System Seizure doesn’t help it out that much extra.

So here we are, with Dai V.

Breaking all subroutines for 2 credits is pretty sweet.

Strength 1 at 1 to pump is doable, and with three of The Personal Touch, a best-case scenario has the Dai V at base Strength 4.

We’re Shaper, so we’ve got Self-Modifying Code to pull our Corroder, MKUltra, Equivocation, or Opus out, and failing those, we can use them to find the rest of our Cloaks.

Otherwise, it’s good stuff Shaper. Beth, Net Mercur, R&D accesses.

Hilariously, I’ve paid influence to bring in Mobius rather than just go with Data Breach. Oh Data Breach, why do you even exist?

So it’s pretty straightforward. Lock the remote and start hammering R&D with interfaces, Makers, and Equivocation (such an amazing card). If they draw a whole bunch to clear the lock, smack them with a Legwork.

If you’ve got a lot of Fast Advance threats in your meta, throw a Clot in there. We don’t have the Clone Chip, but we’ve got the SMC for it, and the influence. Actually, you could probably just drop the two Turning Wheels to bring in a Clot and a Clone Chip.

On the surface, it looks like this deck’s weakness is card draw or economy. But Magnum Opus is an engine unto itself, Stealth is so unbelievably resilient once you get your Net Mercur and Cloaks out, plus Net Mercur and Beth are combo economy, card draw, and click compression.

I think it’ll work. Probably better than my other forays into Shaper.

Endless Smoke (System Seizure)

Ele “Smoke” Scovak: Cynosure of the Net


Event (9)
2x Legwork ●●●●
2x Möbius ●●
3x System Seizure
2x The Maker’s Eye


Hardware (10)
2x Akamatsu Mem Chip
2x Mirror
3x R&D Interface
3x The Personal Touch


Resource (9)
2x Beth Kilrain-Chang
3x Ghost Runner
2x Net Mercur
2x The Turning Wheel ●●


Icebreaker (4)
1x Corroder ●●
2x Dai V
1x MKUltra ●●


Program (8)
3x Cloak
1x Equivocation
1x Magnum Opus
3x Self-modifying Code


12 influence spent (max 15, available 3)
40 cards (min 40)
Cards up to Station One

Deck built on


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