Week 10 – Follow Up

I’m on vacation!

Sorry for the super late post–like, 12 hours behind. But I’m writing this from a hotel room on my way back to Alberta for my wife’s birthday.

I tried to write the blog post on my iPad on the ferry, but doing so with two kids running around and a sleeping baby in my arms (writing one-handed) was far, far too difficult.

So here we are. Tenth week of follow ups.

Before I get into how the decks fared, let’s talk about my vacation.

Through some miracle, I was able to pre-write nearly all of my posts. We may or may not have a Week 11 follow up, depending on if I get any Netrunner in while I’m away. We’ll see. But otherwise, the content shall flow, and we shall finish off the Station One cards next week!

Now, on to last week’s decks.


I like Los. I like him a lot. I played him against a Making News and against an Estelle Moon ETF. Justin’s deck was super cool in that it was mostly good criminal stuff. Get accesses and break ICE with breakers.

The problem was no Special Order. Up against Making News, it’s no big deal as I can walk through traces and clear tags. I just have to run economically.

Against Fairchilds, I need my Gordian Blade. And it was not showing up. No amount of Blockade Running could find it, then I ran out of money because I didn’t have Temujin or ways to reliably get in. I probably would’ve gone for Desperado instead of Gauntlet as well.

Still, Los was amazing. And three Forged Activation Orders is such a great, great call. It’s actually like clicking for a credit, except there’s the chance that it’s ICE destruction instead. I also really liked the Xanadu include. It worked against Making News, though not really against Estelle-level cash from Engineering the Future.

100% would play again. Probably drop the Gauntlets for Desperado, the Blockades for Special Orders, and the Exploits for Daily Casts. Maybe go down to one High-Stakes Job and put in an Emergency Shutdown as well.


I played this deck against a Los as well, but I had a really, really bad shuffle. I saw only half the cards. Never saw Adonis Campaign, NASX, MCG, Replanting, or any DNA Trackers. I still won, mostly off the back of a scored Corporate Sales Team and acceleration from an Agroplex.

I really felt flaily with this deck. I wasn’t sure what I needed to do, and I didn’t think the traps were really that enticing. I think the problem is the mismatch between agenda suite and traps. This deck relies on non-advanceable traps and money assets. Snare, Adonis, Edge of World, Launch Campaign, but it doesn’t have many agendas that can never-advance.

I think this deck probably needs to drop the Clone Retirements and maybe a Future Perfect to put in three Braintrust. Then you have the never-advance threat. Space should also be made for a Junebug, so there’s some advanceable traps as well. Maybe just the one, and then you don’t have to make any more cuts.

Money was definitely never an issue though. This deck made bank.

System Seizure

This deck was also super fun to play. Played this one against the same Making News, and Dai V was awesome. It was slow, because I’m not very Shaper practiced, but it locked the remote then hit R&D. I should’ve remembered to go for the Equivocation though. Then the game would’ve been done a lot faster.

I had System Seizure in hand, and had a good opportunity to play it, but I clicked Opus instead. I think it’s a great card, and probably should be a two-of in this deck.

CPC Generator

I played this deck against a Whizzard. It was tough.

At least he didn’t have slums. Well, he did, he just wasn’t mean and chose to not install them. Fun game.

Anywho. This one was super fun because at one point I had a CST in hand, and David accessed an NAPD off R&D with only three credits. He didn’t steal. I drew the NAPD. Dropped the CST into the server and advanced, then rezzed an Advertisement to make him lose some cash. Rather than run my unrezzed ICE (Wraparound) and try to install his Paperclip, he decided to let me have the NAPD.

But it was the CST, and I made lots of money =D

Unfortunately, he was playing Maw/Hacktivist, and I was going sideways. Eventually I just started playing with zero cards in hand. I did score an agenda to clear the Hacktivist though, and it never showed up again.

However, I then decided to draw up and find an agenda when I had cash for a SanSan rez. Found a Beale. Then another Beale.

So he ran my naked HQ (parasited away my Tollbooth beforehand).

He was looking for Maw trashes, and he just kept getting agendas. We were both sad.

But you know what the standout player was? Marilyn Campaign. I love this card. I love it to bits. In Spark (when you play smart, not like I played with all my pre-rezzing against Whizzard), it’s a net zero, with a -1 to the Runner. Then they trash it, and it reduces your agenda density in R&D. I love it.

We had a couple of changes to tighten up the deck, but I left my notebook in the van, and I’m way too exhausted to go and grab it. Something about dropping Wraparounds and adding Vanilla and IP Block or Data Ward and stuff. Dropping Closed Accounts for some other good tech card.

Anywho. Fun deck, but it takes finesse to play, and I did not have the practice with it.

Great decks this week!


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