Free Lunch

Guest post #3 from Justin (@jujobell).

The bread line

One step forward. Stop. Another step. Stop.

“Remember, you are here on your own free will.”

It was the loudspeaker again, reminding them all they had a choice, options. False options, in reality. The option to stand in line or the option to starve to death.

“No one is forcing you to be here. You want to help this valuable initiative.”

It was food they wanted. Not really food, but nutrition supplements, what passed for food in lower levels of the habitat domes. Here, food meant life, and getting food meant doing what the corporate overlords wanted. And that was votes.

“Step forward and make your mark. You will be properly compensated for your contribution to Martian democracy.”

Votes in exchange for nutrition. They controlled the food, so they controlled the votes. Vote for their candidate, you get a nutrition card. Vote for another candidate, no nutrition card. This wasn’t how they sold the Martian experience.

But Noise had a different idea—he was going to tip the scales, level the playing field a bit. As he stepped up to the voting machine, he reached behind to find the data port. Reaching into his pocket, Noise found the familiar form of his portable data device.

No such thing as a free lunch, hey? No such thing as a free ride.


My favourite Weyland things

For the astute among you, you may recognize the name from The Sound of Music. This is a Gagarin deck with some of my favourite things: Dedicated Response Team, Space Camp, The Root, Expo Grid, Mausolus, Bulwark, Tour Guide.

And, of course, Free Lunch. The beauty of Gagarin is that it costs the runner 1 credit to even access an agenda in a server. If you can tax them out before they reach the bottom, well then too bad. Free Lunch allows me to ping them for even more taxation, if and when I choose.

It’s also great at 3 cost, 4 strength code gate. This spot used to be filled by RSVP, another great taxation ICE runners are free to walk through, yet has a huge impact in this game. My gameplan is to put these up over centrals, where runners often focus when playing against Gagarin.

Free Lunch then has the benefit of either taxing out runners who break it each run, or building up tokens to ping them credits when they run a scoring remote, or even when they go to trash assets. Then, Red Herrings in a scoring server to close out the game.


Raindrops on Roses Gagarin (Free Lunch)

Gagarin Deep Space: Expanding the Horizon


Agenda (11)

2x Corporate Sales Team

3x High-Risk Investment

3x Hostile Takeover

3x Oaktown Renovation


Asset (13)

1x Clyde Van Rite

1x Dedicated Response Team

2x Jackson Howard  ●●

2x Museum of History  ○○○○


3x PAD Campaign

2x Space Camp

1x The Root


Upgrade (4)

2x Expo Grid

2x Red Herrings  ●●●●


Operation (8)

2x Dedication Ceremony

1x Freelancer

3x Hedge Fund

2x Paywall Implementation


Barrier (5)

1x Bulwark

2x Fire Wall

2x Ice Wall


Code Gate (7)

3x Free Lunch  ●●●●● ●●●●

2x Macrophage

2x Mausolus


Sentry (6)

2x Archer

2x Tour Guide

2x Veritas


15 influence spent (max 15, available 0)

22 agenda points (between 22 and 23)

54 cards (min 45)

Cards up to Station One


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