RPG – Hook 4

I feel like a smuggling job. Do you feel like a smuggling job?

This hook is probably best for a group themed around

  • Criminals
  • Freedom Fighters
  • Spies

The cargo containers that you took possession of on Luna were suspiciously neat and tidy. In a place like the docklands, you expect something to have a few dings or scrapes on it. But these ones were shiny as a chrome button on an executive’s nicest suit.

Your job? Secure portage from Heinlein to Challenger, descend the Beanstalk, and deliver your cargo to the buyer in Rabotgorod.

Just don’t get noticed by the Yellowjackets or the NAPD.

Some thoughts on where to go with this

  • Cargo is filled with stolen bioroid components
  • Martian extremists will detonate the cargo at Midway
  • A powerful psychic clone is being returned to Jinteki
  • Advanced weaponry skimmed from the military to be sold on the street

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