Clyde Van Rite

Social predator

“I expect the water to be hot. You do have hot water on this shitty little planet, don’t you?” Clyde adjusted his tie, royal purple and thick. A statement.

The clone didn’t bat an eyelash. “Absolutely, sir. Your rooms are luxuriously appointed, as befitting any person of importance from Mars or Earth.” It stood with its hands folded calmly. Its entire attention was focused on Clyde, no thought given at all to the expansive view afforded by the exterior elevator they were taking to the Jinteki suites.

“There are no important people on Mars,” Clyde sneered. He pressed a hand against the transplas elevator wall and watched the city recede slowly as his elevator climbed to the top of what passed for an arcology this far away from civilization. The dunes and deserts of Mars were visible through the dome.

“As you say, sir.” The clone shifted, and Clyde eyed it with annoyance.

The android was a hospitality model, bred to be servile and agreeable. Clyde tapped his lips thoughtfully with a finger. “If I told you to break your way out of this elevator and fall to your death, would you do it?”

“No sir, I am required to preserve myself.”

“What would you do if I pushed you?”

The android looked uncomfortable. “I would not like it to come to that, sir.”

The elevator gave a relaxing chime of music, notifying its occupants that they had arrived. The doors slid open quickly and quietly and revealed a long hallway decorated with colourful artwork. A Jinteki executive stood with a PAD, awaiting Clyde.

She smiled and held out her hand. “Mr. Van Rite, please come this way. I hope your trip was pleasant?”

Clyde smiled back warmly, dismissing the clone from his mind. “I’m hoping my stay will be better. There was some trouble with the train on arrival.”


Honestly, I don’t think Clyde is that amazing. He’s two to rez, three to trash, and maybe he’ll land once—which will cost the runner a credit. I’d say the answer is probably to keep the runner poor, but how do we even do that these days? I could probably have put him in NBN and gone for some Closed Accounts shenanigans, but then what would his ability do?

He could go in Scorpios, I guess, but again, how would Weyland keep the runner from just paying a credit and then going to trash Clyde?

The answer seems to be in the sideways decks. Gagarin, RP, IG, and CTM. But that doesn’t sound very fun. I wanted to find another way to tax the runner.

Hostile Infrastructure seems to be the right bet. That, plus we put it in Potential Unleashed, where our goal is to get as much into the runner’s heap as possible. This seems to be coming together.

So yes, the runner can spend a credit and avoid Clyde’s ability. But then, if they want to deal with that, they have to spend three credits plus probably take a net from Hostile Infrastructure to clear him out. Maybe another one from a House of Knives ping. And then they’ve made a run, which turns on Neurals.

Also they crucially haven’t made a run on our other stuff.

The problem, of course, is that we have no recursion (Team Sponsorship/Friends in High Places), and Clyde and Bio-Ethics don’t punish when you check them. That’s why we’ve got a one-of Psychic Field to surprise people.

As most of my Unleashed decks go, the idea is to outlast the runner until they have no more cards and can’t manage a run. Then we score.

Will it work? Maybe.

Is this the best place for Clyde? No idea. He’s not a spectacular card.

Hostile Rites Potential Unleashed (Clyde Van Rite)

Jinteki: Potential Unleashed


Agenda (10)
1x Chronos Project
3x Fetal AI
2x House of Knives
1x Philotic Entanglement
3x The Future Perfect


Asset (15)
3x Bio-Ethics Association ★★★
2x Clyde Van Rite ●●●●
3x Hostile Infrastructure
1x Jackson Howard ●
1x Psychic Field
3x Shock!
2x Snare!


Upgrade (1)
1x Caprice Nisei


Operation (13)
2x Celebrity Gift
3x Hedge Fund
2x MCA Informant ●●●●
3x Neural EMP
3x Preemptive Action


Barrier (3)
3x Kakugo


Code Gate (2)
2x Lotus Field


Sentry (3)
3x Komainu


Other (2)
2x Data Mine


12 influence spent (max 12, available 0)
20 agenda points (between 20 and 21)
49 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Station One

Deck built on


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