Terminal Directive – Follow Up

Sorry I missed the follow up last week, and sorry this isn’t about last week’s decks.

I just got back from vacation, and I didn’t get a chance to play much Netrunner. I played a bit, but only with the decks I had already built rather than the blog decks I had featured.

Instead, today, you’re getting a Terminal Directive (NO SPOILERS) follow up.

Yesterday I got to finally start the Terminal Directive campaign from the corp side.

I went with Core Weyland and planned to lean hard into the SEA/Scorch plan.

As it turned out, I only Scorched the runner once. I scored out so often and so well behind Hortum, Hadrian’s, Data Raven, and Archer.

My opponent was playing Ayla, and so far we’ve played about eight games. It feels like we’re about halfway through, unless I keep up my crazy win streak.

I’m really enjoying it, though it started off a little slower than I was expecting. The new cards and abilities trickle in after the first two games or so. But some of these abilities are just amazing. And the cautions (negative triggers) are very, very fun to work around.

I also wholly underestimated Armored Servers. I thought it was sort of a poor corp’s Nisei MK II, but in a Scorch deck, it’s super, super effective at limiting the runner. Plus, if you use it on the payment window after the runner continues the run, you can make them suffer subroutines if they want to keep their cards. If they don’t keep their cards, you can SEA/Scorch them.

Out of this limited format, it’s probably less good. Too many ways to dodge the SEA Source.

I’m very much looking forward to playing more of it. But I think I expected more story. The stuff that I get is interesting, but it feels disconnected. Scenes that are chopped up and flavourful but don’t really advance a narrative yet. Maybe there’s a payoff.

Anywho. Things to come. This week I’ll be building a deck for each ID in Terminal Directive. I’ll be using the whole card pool and coming up with interesting ways to play each. I mean, hopefully they’ll be interesting.

Next week we start Earth’s Scion!


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