Steve Cambridge

Definitive answer

Steve stared at the menu for far too long.

Do I get a bagel? Do I want a breakfast sandwich? Or maybe just a coffee?

The customers in line were getting restless, and Steve couldn’t make his decision. The smiling Bioroid server was patient, and had good-naturedly waved people behind Steve on to other stations as they opened up.

“Honestly,” Steve mused. “There’s so much that I could do right now. So much I could have. What would you eat?”

“I do not eat,” replied the Bioroid in a vapid, pleasant tone. It was shaped like a youngish female. Someone, undoubtedly, you could imagine was inoffensive enough to serve everybody without bias or complaint.

“But what would you eat?” Steve pressed.

The Bioroid’s facial features reconfigured into a frown, and it turned completely around to look at the menu. It was a customer service affectation, Steve knew. The Bioroid would have every item on the menu categorized in its robot brain, and it didn’t need visual stimulation to make a decision the way a human or even a clone would have.

It turned back to Steve. “I would have the bagel with cream cheese and add tomatoes,” the Bioroid said in an even, pleasant tone.


“It is the most often ordered item on the menu with the most often ordered additions.”

Steve sighed and put his hands in his pockets. So much for someone else making the choice for me.

“Also,” the Bioroid added, it’s voice approximating wistfulness. “I would like to know what humans find so fascinating about it. Why do they order it so often?”

Caught off guard, Steve studied the Bioroid closer. That was a nearly human answer.

“I’ll… have the bagel with cream cheese,” Steve said. “Add tomatoes.”

I didn’t put in Grifter

I was hearing some uninspiring things about Cambridge. Most people thought his ability was pretty boring, plus he was released alongside Skorpios. If his cards are getting removed from game so frequently, is he really that amazing?

But then I spoke to someone who played him over the weekend at our Terminal Directive event.

Turns out, he makes for some cool plays.

I didn’t go the route that that player did—playing Snares and Déjà Vu—I went for event recursion.

I mean, it’d be cool to get an Abagnale back as well, but I doubt any corp would let that happen.

My goal here is to get the basic Criminal setup going—get some breakers, get a Temujin and/or a Sec Testing and just run. Run until I’ve got a ridiculous amount of money and until I’ve got an intimidating number of agendas.

Sneakdoor Beta is nearly an auto-include with Steve, I think, and that meant I wanted to sprinkle in some Turning Wheel. I considered HQ Interface, but opted for Legwork instead. Legwork is a great target for Steve’s ability. Put a Legwork alongside an Inside Job, and the Corp will be sweating. I think.

Or if they go for the Legwork, you’re pretty certain that their hand is empty, and you can hammer R&D with a Medium dig.

Otherwise, it’s just good Criminal stuff. I really like Abagnale, and it’s great for a hail-Mary through a Tollbooth or Fairchild when you think you’ve got the game in hand, or you have to stop the Corp from winning. We’ve got two copies and Special Orders, so it should be fine.

Blockade Runner will get rid of our duplicates like Kati and Wheel and Desperado, and Feint is fun tech that I want to try out. It’ll trigger Turning Wheel and Desperado (and maybe Temujin and Sec Testing), and it’ll swing Steve’s ability. Sounds like a good thing to try out.

Finding Angles Cambridge (Steve Cambridge)

Steve Cambridge: Master Grifter


Event (19)
3x Account Siphon
3x Dirty Laundry
2x Feint
3x Inside Job
2x Legwork
3x Special Order
3x Sure Gamble


Hardware (3)
3x Desperado


Resource (13)
2x Aaron Marrón
2x Blockade Runner
2x Kati Jones
2x Security Testing
3x Temüjin Contract ★★★
2x The Turning Wheel ●●


Icebreaker (7)
2x Abagnale
1x Femme Fatale
2x Mongoose
2x Paperclip ●●●●● ●


Program (3)
1x Medium ●●●
2x Sneakdoor Beta


14 influence spent (max 15, available 1)
45 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Terminal Directive

Deck built on


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