Week 13 – Follow Up

A little housekeeping first: I didn’t end up going to Regionals in Vancouver.

It was disappointing, but it turned out to be bad timing to be out of town for two days.

I hear there were 23 players, and my buddy David got 5th (after his 4th place finish in the Seattle Regionals). Sorry that I won’t be doing a thorough run down as promised!

But how did last week’s decks do at Netrunner night? I’m glad you asked!

Ayla “Bios” Rahim

I love NVRAM. I really, really love NVRAM. There’s literally no downside. Okay. So there’s a small downside if you need to access something immediately, like by using SMC, and it’s in your NVRAM.

But I didn’t build a deck that did that.

I built a patient deck that put its rig together, made cash, and then hit the corp hard.

I won by Legworking for four points then Indexing into a Mad Dash (one or two turns after the Legwork) to go up to seven points.

Like clockwork, the deck came together and performed. I was thoroughly impressed, and I think the NVRAM design was genius.

I was playing against a Personal Evolution, so I took a lot of net damage, but I’d started with a Film Critic in my NVRAM, so I dodged the nastiness of my first score during the Legwork.

Seidr Laboratories

Played this one against a Los, and it was very interesting. An early Femme got him significant access against R&D after I’d spread my ICE pretty thin, but once I’d stabilized, I got a three-deep remote and scored Vitruvius, Vitruvius, ABT.

I had an Eli 1.0 on my HQ, and he was siphoning me by clicking. Which was cool, because as Seidr, when he clicked through my Eli, I got a Green or Blue Level clearance back.

I wasn’t that impressed with Mason or Heinlein, but that might have been because my opponent was mostly ignoring my remote. Heinlein did cement my eventual win though, because even if he had challenged my remote, he would’ve had to click through it (no Decoder in sight), and he would have lost his cash, leaving him unable to get through the Eli.

Ultraviolet Clearance was insane and awesome. I used it twice to try and find an agenda to close out the game (to no avail), but its power is intense. I would probably put a second one in to make the game faster.

All in all, probably drop the Masons and put in good, old-fashioned Caprice.

Steve Cambridge

Cambridge’s ability was super interesting. It got me a Medium back instead of a Sure Gamble (against Spiky RP), and it got me Blockade Runner back instead of Special Order. Plus a few other things randomly.

I hit lots of Snares, but with Steve’s ability, I was able to recover pretty well further down the line. I mean, he hit my on one Unlucky Run, but it was still pretty good.

Unfortunately for him, the time that I decided to pop four Turning Wheel counters on a two-token Medium run, I saw three Future Perfects in a row. He’d gone down to four credits rezzing Pups over R&D, so I just bid 0 on each of them. Got one.

Then I ran again, and saw them again with him on 0 credits. Game.

I think this deck would need more play for me to figure out any changes. Really, it was just criminal things. Breaking subroutines and getting efficient accesses with Temujin, Desperado, and Turning Wheel.


This deck is mean. Though by no means infallible.

I went against an Eater/Keyhole Whizzard. He decided that my Bloodletter on R&D wasn’t worth breaking with Eater, but he also didn’t mind trashing cards—even if I removed one of them from the game. So he Keyholed me hard. He got a GFI. Then another (which I saved with Jackson). Then he got two Oaktowns in one turn. He had to Knifed an Ice Wall over Archives though.

By this point, I’d gotten my mill going and was using Underway to pressure him. But it just wasn’t enough.

So I did a Power Shutdown for four. It did snag an Underway, but by that point I had an unrezzed Vanilla over Archives, so I was pretty confident.

He chose to destroy the Eater. I removed it from the game.

He installed another Eater.

That one I killed with a Batty that activated a Cobra.

I thought I was safe now. But then he used Levy and returned a Corroder (that had hit the bin after I’d used my Skorpios ability) to his deck.

Game on again…

So anyways, I was at four points. He was at six. He finds his Corroder. At this point he’s got Corroder, Gordian Blade, and Keyhole out. I’m worried his Mimic is on one of his two Street Peddlers, so I Best Defense one away. No Mimic there.

I had Ice Wall into Sapper into rezzed Enigma on my scoring remote. I installed a Jackson facedown and baited him into running. He pays through the Ice Wall. I rez the Sapper—he has no answer. I kill the Corroder.

He goes through the Gordian, and I pop Jackson.

Then I figure I’m good. I’ve got Ice Walls and Vanillas up over R&D, HQ, and my scoring remote. I’ve shuffled that Underway back from Archives, and I’ve still got a Jackson on the board. I don’t think he has any more fracters.

I find the GFI and install double advance.

He looks at his hand.

He thinks.

He takes two credits.

Installs Femme on my Ice Wall.

He has three credits left.

One to bypass Ice Wall.

One to break Sapper (why are you strength two and not strength threeeeeeeee)

One to break the ETR on Enigma.

Scores the GFI for win.

Super, super good game. I did not see the Femme play coming.

I think this Skorpios deck is a frustrating build to play against, but it’s not actually that stable. And Eater/Keyhole showed my weakness. If you can just ignore or peel away my ICE, I can’t really do anything about it.


All in all, great games, great decks. Seidr and Skorpios have cool abilities, but they won’t tempt me away from Jinteki. Ayla is interesting enough that I might play her when I want to play Shapers. Cambridge is cool, but pretty generic. I guess unless you play him with Parasites the way I saw someone else doing.


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