Personal Workshop 1

I didn’t have decks to test out from last week, so I showed up at my regular Netrunner night rocking some things I’ve been playing around with in my non-blog spare time.

DieselPunk Geist

No, it doesn’t have Diesel. Sorry. It never had Diesel. I chose the name because I thought the art on Abagnale and Lustig looked very Dieselpunk. Maybe this should be Con Artist Geist?

Anywho, I’ve been tinkering with this deck for a few weeks, and I really like where it is right now. At its heart, it’s a pretty usual Spy Camera deck/Off-Campus deck. I’ve had lots of fun slotting new cards into it though, like Maxwell James, Dean Lister, and the Con Man Breakers.

Really, I decided to build a Geist deck because I thought the Con Man Breakers from Terminal Directive were just so dang cool.

The first iteration had Polyhistor as the console, but I found that I would pop a Spy Camera, find nothing, then want to run HQ. If I did it in that order, I’d be diluting my chances in HQ. Plus the Con Man Breakers aren’t super cheap, so I didn’t like having another four-cost drop in my list.

I thought about Forger, but decided that Aaron Marron does enough work that Forger is mostly irrelevant. At that time, I had two Maxwell James, so I wasn’t too worried about getting my cloud breakers un-memoried.

So I tried out Reflection. It was alright, but I didn’t need the memory, and I never jacked out. I want to make a successful run with Mad Dash, or I want to make a successful run with Temujin. Otherwise, I draw cards and set up and don’t run.

Next iteration had two Hoppers instead of Reflection, but I found that I accelerated through my deck too quickly. At that point, one Levy wasn’t enough, but I didn’t have the influence to swap to a second Levy without losing the Clone Chip.

The current version goes one Hopper and one Reflection. I might try going two Hopper again and swapping out the Clone Chip, but for now, this deck is hella fun.

Played it against a PE and a Making News last night. I scored many points with Spy Camera shenanigans and perfectly timed Legworks.

DieselPunk Geist

Armand “Geist” Walker: Tech Lord


Event (4)
1x Legwork
1x Levy AR Lab Access ●●●
2x Mad Dash


Hardware (8)
1x Clone Chip ★ ●●
1x Reflection
1x Sports Hopper
5x Spy Camera


Resource (21)
2x Aaron Marrón
1x Dean Lister
3x Fall Guy
1x Maxwell James
3x Off-Campus Apartment ●●●
2x Same Old Thing
3x Street Peddler ●●●
3x Tech Trader
3x Temüjin Contract ★★★


Icebreaker (12)
2x Abagnale
2x Crowbar
2x Demara
2x Lustig
2x Shiv
2x Spike


15 influence spent (max 15, available 0)
45 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Terminal Directive

Deck built on

The Clone Crusade 3.0

This has been a passion project of mine since the very first Grail ICE came out years ago.

I love, love, love the Grail ICE. I’m a sucker for anything King Arthur themed, and I love the mutability of the ICE. I also love that a face check against any Grail ICE can be devastating.

I particularly like it in RP where I can punish net damage, my assets have an extra layer of protection (so I usually just slam them down without holding them in hand for too long), and because Excalibur works wonders against multiple runs.

Now that Rumor Mill is much more rare, we can lean back into Caprice for Glacier and Batty for Lancelot plays or Merlin kills.

And now we have Ben Musashi!

This deck doesn’t have as much kill as I would like. I’d prefer to have some Fetal AIs and Shocks in here, but card space is so premium.

I played this against a Smoke last night, and unfortunately the runner got Lancelot’d into losing his Gordian Blade. Net damage sniped a second (though he was running three), and I was able to score out behind a Merlin and Lotus Field.

I would’ve liked to see Ben Musashi do work, but not that game.

I’ll keep playing iterations of this deck for years to come, I’m sure. When RP rotates out, I might swap to an IG build or just go back to my favourite. PE.

The Clone Crusade 3.0

Jinteki: Replicating Perfection


Agenda (10)
1x Clone Retirement
3x Global Food Initiative ●●●
2x House of Knives
3x Nisei MK II
1x Philotic Entanglement


Asset (9)
3x Jackson Howard ●●●
2x PAD Campaign
1x Snare!
3x Sundew


Upgrade (6)
2x Ben Musashi
2x Caprice Nisei
2x Marcus Batty


Operation (7)
3x Celebrity Gift
3x Hedge Fund
1x Interns


Barrier (5)
3x Galahad ●●●
2x Kakugo


Code Gate (5)
2x Lotus Field
3x Merlin ●●●


Sentry (6)
2x Komainu
3x Lancelot ●●●
1x Swordsman


Other (1)
1x Excalibur


15 influence spent (max 15, available 0)
20 agenda points (between 20 and 21)
49 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Earth’s Scion

Deck built on


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