Week 14 – Follow Up

Some housekeeping first.

The blog has been sporadic (having missed a whole week! Plus having missed a bunch of RPG posts even when I am posting!) because I am now in the process of selling my house.

It’s been very busy.

I’m on parental leave now with my six-month-old daughter, and I thought I’d have tons of extra time to write and post and play games, but instead, any time that I’m not feeding or playing with the baby, I’m cleaning the house for showings.

It should all settle down in the next few weeks once we’ve gotten a sale, but until then… things might still be sporadic. The fiction will likely be shorter than previous posts. I’ll do my best.

Additionally, my local store the Two-Headed Giant will be hosting a tournament on Monday the 19th. I’ll be running it, and so I won’t be testing my week 15 decks. I might take AgInfusion as my corp, but I’ll likely take Geist or Reina as my runner because I’m still tweaking those.

Actually, I’m thinking hard about taking my AgInfusion deck. It’s pretty cool, and you’ll get to see it later this week.

But on to the decks I actually played yesterday!


Honestly… this card. I still don’t get it.

So, I didn’t get to play this deck. But a newer player who didn’t have his own cards wanted to play, and he thought he’d give the Quetzal deck a go. I cautioned him that it was a sub-optimal deck and was probably extremely weak. Nevertheless, he wanted to play it.

Unfortunately for him, it took half the game to find a Paintbrush and he never found Berserker. Anarch problems!

As Quetzal, he was still able to get through my Eli’s for a not-terrible trade, which he used to great effect on R&D. In a separate game he kept Keyholing through an Architect. It was… amazing for ETF with three Turtlebacks in play.

Again. Berserker. In any deck using SMC, Corroder is better. In any other deck (particularly in Anarch), Paperclip is better. So… not sure why you’d ever use this over something else. Maybe I could see it if it was break one sub for one credit. But the two credits for up to two subs makes it extra expensive.


This didn’t fire once. The deck was okay, but I also didn’t see any Ronald Five’s all game, so it just played like a super weak Moon deck. Seidr’s ability never fired because my opponent was Kit and just broke my Eli a few times with Inversificator.

Again, I don’t think Opal is amazing. It’s probably pretty taxing if you have all of your Silvers and Bronzes up, but it’s also a strength three Code Gate, so it’s not taxing at all if your opponent is using a Yog.0.

Not super impressed with this one either. I wish it was three to rez. Then at least it could be an okay trade against something like a Gordian.


This deck fell flat on its face. I was up against a combo Weyland (which I will be featuring on the blog in a few weeks), and I just couldn’t get set up quickly enough. I didn’t see my breakers (the problem of not including any searches), and I just played NetInstaller.

I got a ton of Chips and BMIs out, but I found that the draw wasn’t strong enough to get through my deck to the cards. Not the way I expected it would be at least. I was also really low on money because I had no drip. If I was clicking Opus to get money for installs, I wasn’t drawing to find my breakers.

Once I got one Inside Man out, things got a lot easier, but then he won. How to speed this up? Maybe in Kate. Maybe with Test Runs.

Bioroid Work Crew

This. Deck. Had. Legs.

I played this deck maybe four times last night. It was gorgeous.

Though playing against non-Whizzard, non-Slums runners is sort of cheating. You know?

I scored a GFI from hand in two different games. Once with the Work Crew, and once with triple Biotic. I had an ungodly amount of money. Estelle was an easy game closer. If I had two agendas scored, I could just get Estelle up to eight or ten counters and brute-force draw into the game-winning combo in hand.

One thing I was very susceptible to was HQ multi-access. Gauntlet and Legwork were pretty nasty while I was setting up. This made NAPD Contract a must-include. I’d probably drop a Hopper for another NAPD.

Marilyn Campaigns. I love them.

Oh, and Advanced Assembly Lines. So beautiful to drop Bioroid Work Crews that are stuck in your hand when you want to combo turn.

This deck was magnificent. 9/10. Would play again.


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