Rosetta 2.0

Small favours

The mark was getting a donut. And not even a nice donut from a bakery or a good chain restaurant. She was getting a vending machine donut. Khan tried to hold back her gag reflex as she thought of how much plastic was inside that piece of pastry.

Isabel McGuire, mid-level exec for Haas Bioroid, had been tagged for surveillance. Khan didn’t question warrants, she just collected on them.

Bringing up her AR overlay, Khan selected a Saker holo and linked it to McGuire’s PAD. The program flitted through the network, showing up as a rose-coloured raptor to Khan’s eyes. It burrowed into McGuire’s hardware, and Khan started to stream the data back to her rig.

“Now,” Khan said to herself, standing up from her crouch on the building above the vending machine. “Who are you working for on the side, Izzy?”

Multi-tool Criminal

Criminals have powerful operations. That’s their thing. They also make runs more efficient through Temujin, Mobius, Security Testing, and Desperado. They’re the monarchs of money. So when they get something outside of their wheelhouse—like recursion—it’s something less reliable than a Clone Chip. That’s when you get Steven Cambridge.

In Rosetta 2.0, we have Criminal program searching. Not targeted, one-and-done search like Special Order, but an interesting new way to find your programs in your deck and just put them out.

You have to remove the installed program from the game, but as we mentioned before, Criminal doesn’t really do recursion anyways. But what are the targets?

Well, I started by putting Cache in. It’s a good small burst of money and then it’s done. Obviously it’s much better in Noise and with Aesop’s Pawn Shop to get some double duty, but now we’re using it to pull out Breakers and install them directly—for a discount. Which is actually about on par with Special Order when you include the cost of Rosetta 2.0.

The difference comes in that we can go and snag one-of programs like Equivocation and Magnum Opus. I’ve put Opus in this build because we need a lot of money before we can start running, which means we can’t rely on Temujin or Security Testing to sustain us. Beth lets us click Opus for 10, which is awesome.

Oh! And there’s Sneakdoor Beta. We can get that early, snag some accesses, and then Rosetta it into a breaker or Opus. Which actually gives us a hell of a discount. I absolutely love the idea of getting some early aggression in and then installing an Opus for 1 credit.

Equivocation is our R&D pressure, and Gauntlet is our HQ pressure. When we’ve got more money than the corp, we can derez their ICE. When we have less money than the corp, Beth accelerates us with cards, credits, and clicks for Opus.

I think this will be a patience deck supported by surprise aggression through Inside Job. I also put in LLDS processor because I love it with Khan’s ability, and it triggers off the turn you Rosetta a breaker in. Autoscripter is a must as well since we’re hoping to fly our birds in and out. One-of Ice Analyzer to try and shave a bit of savings, and two Compromised Employees to sort of do the same thing as Ice Analyzer, but with a higher cost of entry.


Avian Tome Khan (Rosetta 2.0)

Khan: Savvy Skiptracer


Event (8)

2x Express Delivery

2x Hostage

2x Inside Job

2x Möbius


Hardware (7)

2x Autoscripter

3x LLDS Processor  ●●●

2x The Gauntlet


Resource (9)

1x Aaron Marrón

1x Beth Kilrain-Chang  ●●●

2x Compromised Employee

1x Hernando Cortez

1x Ice Analyzer  ●

1x Political Operative

2x Rosetta 2.0


Icebreaker (9)

3x Faerie

2x Golden

2x Peregrine

2x Saker


Program (7)

3x Cache

1x Equivocation  ●●●

1x Magnum Opus  ●●

2x Sneakdoor Beta


12 influence spent (max 12, available 0)

40 cards (min 40)

Cards up to Earth’s Scion


Deck built on


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