Adjusted Matrix

Gift horse

Kate held the net chip to her eye, trying to discern any manufacturer markings, nicks, discolourations–anything that would give her a hint as to the origin of the strange piece of hardware.

It had arrived early this morning by courier. The return address had led to a shell company that led nowhere else. She’d spent hours going through the net trying to trace who had sent her the enigmatic chip. Nothing.

Finally, Kate had decided to try it out. She set up an offline rig. She pulled the hardware that let it network, and she wrapped the the thing in a dampening blanket just to be sure.

Then she plugged it in.

The screen booted up, and instead of the regular activation sequence, there was only one word.


Starving artist

Like many, I thought Adjusted Matrix went well on Endless Hunger. An 11-strength Icebreaker is hard to argue with, and now we can get past each piece of ICE for a click, unless it has an ETR. If it has an ETR, then we just need one installed card and some credits.

With Kate, that’s easy to do. Net Chips are essential to this build. We need, at minimum, two out at a time. This puts Endless Hunger in our regular memory, Opus on a chip, and MKUltra has space on the last chip. Still, I’d love to have more. Replicator helps us get them out early, then we feed the Replicators to our hungry breaker.

Cache and Harbinger are obviously also in here for hunger targets.

The gameplan is to Indexing and Mad Dash for points, burn through our installed cards, and eventually Levy to reset installables.

Temple of the Liberated Mind is a fun inclusion that can get us an extra piece of ICE once per turn. I think it works here, because we can use it mid-run unlike some other gain-click abilities.

Might be a bit slow, but then again, maybe it won’t be. I’m not sure how to measure this deck, honestly. It’s odd.

PS: Starving Artist Kate should totally be a thing. Endless Hunger with Artist Colony somehow…? The wheels are spinning.

Feast or Famine Kate (Adjusted Matrix)


Kate “Mac” McCaffrey: Digital Tinker


Event (13)

3x Diesel

3x Indexing

2x Levy AR Lab Access

2x Mad Dash

3x Sure Gamble


Hardware (12)

2x Adjusted Matrix

2x e3 Feedback Implants  ●●●●

6x NetChip

2x Replicator


Resource (7)

2x Beth Kilrain-Chang

3x Sacrificial Construct

2x Temple of the Liberated Mind


Icebreaker (2)

1x Endless Hunger  ●●

1x MKUltra  ●●


Program (11)

3x Cache  ●●●

3x Harbinger  ●●●

2x Magnum Opus

3x Self-modifying Code


14 influence spent (max 15, available 1)

45 cards (min 45)

Cards up to Earth’s Scion


Deck built on


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