Authenticator/Henry Phillips

Another guest post by our friend Justin! (@jujobell)



The voice was loud and intrusive, the sort of thing you want to turn your back on but you know is a bad idea. This ICE seemed to have a mind of its own, a purpose it believed in beyond simply keeping Noise out.

It thought it was some sort of guard from humanity’s more brusque and brutal past, when borders were more than just lines on a map. They meant something, and that something could be enforced through brutality by clubbed henchmen.


How was he supposed to get past this thing? It seemed very insistent, even invested, in making him produce some sort of identification, credentials, or authorization. He didn’t have time to deal with this.

Bypassing it seemed easy enough. The programming was as antiquated as the personality, and writing a simple bypass algorithm didn’t seem like a problem. In fact, there seemed to be a gaping security hold.

“This thing is so old I could almost jump over it,” thought Noise.

And jump he did. Then there was a buzz at this door. “Who could that be?”

Got your money

I have been trying to make an NBN glacier deck work (as many people have) for a very long time. Only recently has the card pool grown enough to really allow this archetype to come to the fore.

Yes, it still requires the runner to accumulate tags in order to work, and this deck might be helped out by a Midseasons Replacement. Having said that, I’m hoping the agenda suite, the upgrades, and the multi-sub ICE will really help keep this deck humming.

The main goal here is to slam a Red Herrings into a scoring remote and blast out agendas. The ID ability helps keep the runner poor, and in turn keeping them tagged or locked out.

The quantum kitties and the NAPD Contracts should hopefully protect themselves, and the GFIs are somewhat self-sufficient. So the only real gem to protect here is the Astroscript.

The Authenticator plays a really nice double role here. As a cheap two-sub ICE, it’s expensive to break. OR, if they chose to bypass, it’s a tag I can exploit. Over top of a Data Ward or an IP Block, it’s a great piece of ice.

Henry Phillips is really an economy card here. I only rez him when I can make some cash. Otherwise he stays face down and is another thing runners have to decide whether they spend the time and money trashing.

The Zero Credits Campaign

Spark Agency: Worldswide Reach


Agenda (10)

1x AstroScript Pilot Program

3x Global Food Initiative ●●●

3x NAPD Contract ★★★

3x Quantum Predictive Model


Asset (10)

2x Adonis Campaign ●●●●

3x Jackson Howard

3x Launch Campaign

2x PAD Campaign


Upgrade (5)

1x Bernice Mai

2x Henry Phillips

2x Red Herrings


Operation (8)

2x Closed Accounts

3x Hedge Fund

3x Sweeps Week


Barrier (4)

2x Data Ward

2x IP Block


Code Gate (7)

3x Authenticator

2x Macrophage

2x Pop-up Window


Sentry (4)

3x Data Raven

1x Thoth


Other (1)

1x Special Offer


10 influence spent (max 15, available 5)

20 agenda points (between 20 and 21)

49 cards (min 45)

Cards up to Earth’s Scion

Deck built on


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