Week 16 – Follow Up

Disappointingly, I didn’t get to play Khan yesterday. I’m not taking the deck apart though, because I feel like that deck will be super, super fun. For the decks I did play though, there were some great games.

Ben Musashi

I played this deck against a brand new Sunny. One of the local guys, Donovan, had just picked up Data and Destiny, and he was pumped to build a deck using his alt-art Sunny from our last league. I helped him put the deck together, and since he has a limited collection, it was a brute-force access deck with a lot of spine brought in from the 2014 Valencia world championship deck.

Unfortunately, I didn’t draw Ben Musashi the whole game. I did RP things, snagged him with an early Merlin/Lancelot to kill his decoder and scored behind a Lotus Field. I was a titch flooded early on, so I dropped my Philotic as a Jackson bluff. Donovan never ran my remote servers, so I lived on a Sundew, scored a Nisei MK II, scored my Global Food, then triple advanced the already-installed Philotic for game.

Once I’d drawn Musashi—in this circumstance—I might’ve put him on a central server. But alas, the game was over too quickly to get some real reflection going. It was bad luck, really, because Donovan had three copies of each breaker plus lots of card draw—he just didn’t see the cards he needed before I won.

Adjusted Matrix

I played this one against a Making News running Net Quarantine. It was an interesting deck that wanted to tax you out with Rutherford Grid, Aryabhata, and Door to Door. Plus taxing ICE like Data Ward, News Hound, and Data Raven.

However, unlike my Persephone Hayley deck, this Kate deck came together fast. Opening hand had a Replicator, so we got both Replicators out quickly. I top-decked into an Opus, so that was fantastic. Then I found a Net Chip, which meant I steadily got those Net Chips online. I was finally ready to pop an SMC to find an Endless Hunger (and install the Matrix from hand), but I delayed a turn and then top-decked into Endless Hunger.

What I’ve discovered? MKUltra is damned expensive.

Also the Temple of the Liberated Mind was such a great include. Gaining a click mid-run was the exact right answer once Adam had ICEd his remote server five times.

However, he wasn’t able to keep me out. I used Indexing and random pulls from HQ to slowly and incrementally snag the win.

The setup was pretty quick, and it could easily get in one time a turn, but Opus was a little slow to start, and the deck struggled to run twice in a turn. It probably needs Daily Casts for some drip economy, and it could use some cheap breakers like Inti and Zu to deal with low-strength ICE that you don’t want to click through.

Oh, and having just listened to (part of) the latest Run Last Click episode, the deck probably should try Savant in place of MKUltra. Then we can break Hortum as well as Swordsman. Makes installing a bit trickier though, as you want to have your Net Chips online before you install any programs.

Authenticator/Henry Phillips

I didn’t get Henry to fire, and Authenticator did work (scoring me a QPM) until an Ice Carver/Yog combo came out. Then I overwrote it.

However, I played two games using Justin’s deck against a new Alice Merchant build by my buddy Adam. What a different way to play the game!

He was running Bhagat, Aeneas, and Maw with Mimic, Yog, Paperclip, Ice Carver, Datasuckers, and Parasites. Plus Temujin.

It was a really oppressive deck—until I realized I just had to keep cards out of HQ. Eventually, with my superbly low agenda density and Data Ravens to turn on QPMs, I just did a mandatory draw, played or installed whatever card that was, then took credits. With 0 cards in HQ, Maw and Alice Merchant were a bit weaker, and he didn’t want to run HQ to trigger Bhagat with no access involved.

That meant he ran R&D a bunch with Turning Wheel, but my deck was kind to me, and didn’t give up the goods.

Eventually, I’d have a Data Ward on a remote server and score in scoring windows. I made sure to ICE every asset I put out, and I put something click intensive like a Data Raven on Archives to make Temujins weak. He also accessed NAPD quite a few times without stealing—as he said, his cash was more important than two points at that time. Plus he could usually Maw it into Archives for pickup later. I was fine with that.

They were super interesting games, and the deck performed beautifully. Red Herrings made my last score in the second game possible. He didn’t go for the agenda, choosing to hit other servers and try and win elsewhere, but if he’d paid through my Authenticator/Data Ward (no Ice Carver in second game), then he wouldn’t have had the cash for Red Herrings.

Great deck, fun games.


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