Workplace rivalry

Lynn strode from the comms chamber with a wry smile on her lips. It wasn’t every day that you got a full commendation from the Board—particularly on this red dustball of a planet.

Here, things were more fluid than in New Angeles. Runners were bolder because the net was wilder. But that also meant corporations could strike back just as emphatically.

Van Rite fell in beside her, his self-assured swagger immediately tamping down on Lynn’s good mood. “The talking heads approved your proposal?” he asked.

Lynn gave Clyde a curt nod. “The Hunter Seekers will be loaded on the next transport out to Mars. With all the success they had back home, the Board is anxious to deploy them on this front.”

“A coup, absolutely.”

Clyde followed her down the hallway for an awkward length of time, his smile growing more and more insufferable. Finally, Lynn turned on him.

“Not going to happen. Now let me do my work.”

Without even the dignity to look abashed, Van Rite checked his stylish Mumbad time piece. “You know, you’re right. I should be getting back to my own endeavours.”

With viperish disdain, Lynn laughed. “Oh yes, that Jinteki contract has really panned out for you.”

“You’d be surprised,” Clyde said, eyes glittering.


I had designed a Skorpios anti-fracter deck for this post, but then I saw it done to near-perfection at our tournament on the 19th. Perry and James had excellent decks, which had me modify mine just a titch. I doubled down on the barriers and pulled out high-rez cost ones like Bulwark. I also changed my agenda suite to reduce density, freeing up deck space to make sure I got a good flow of barriers. I left in my one-of Enigma and Bloodletter to make the runner spend time finding other breakers, but those are mostly a distraction.

The combo of Hatchet/Salem’s and Hunter Seeker is oppressive. With the cash that the deck makes through Hedge, IPO, and Restructure and the cash it saves by using low-cost ICE and the runner’s real incentive to set up instead of run, Skorpios is rich as hell. Which of course means Hatchet/Salem’s lands pretty reliably.

Corporate Sales Team, Oaktown, and Hostile continue the money train—and the Bad Pub doesn’t do anything to you because the runner doesn’t have breakers. Plus Blackmail is on level 3 Most Wanted, so that’s unlikely.

Graft is my addition. I’m not sure what agenda suite James or Perry was running specifically, but I know they were both on GFI. Graft will help me pull combo pieces quickly, and Consulting Visit will support that. I’m fairly confident that you can give up a 3-pointer in this deck and still win 90% of the time. You just need access to Hunter Seeker. Which then opens up so many scoring windows.

It’s a mean deck. Against it, I tried having more money. Doesn’t work because of Hunter Seeker. So then I tried to trash all the Hatchet Jobs out of hand without stealing agendas. Doesn’t work—because eventually you hit an agenda and get Hunter Seekered.

My best suggestion is ICE Destruction and hand Disruption. This deck probably falls apart to an Eater/Cutlery build, especially one supported by Parasites. If you’re going for accesses, maybe Edward Kim with Film Critic. Another option is Eater/Keyhole/Wanton Destruction.

Lots of options to go against it, but it’s such a juggernaut that it’ll take a while before we’re not seeing it everywhere. And those suggested builds don’t do that much against asset spam or traditional glacier.

Ho hum.

Uncorrodable Skorpios (Battlement)

Skorpios Defense Systems: Persuasive Power


Agenda (10)

1x Corporate Sales Team

3x Graft

3x Hostile Takeover

3x Oaktown Renovation


Operation (23)

1x Best Defense

2x Consulting Visit

3x Hatchet Job  ●●●●● ●

3x Hedge Fund

3x Hunter Seeker

3x IPO

3x Preemptive Action

3x Restructure

2x Salem’s Hospitality  ●●●●● ●●●


Barrier (13)

3x Battlement

3x Ice Wall

3x Meru Mati

1x Spiderweb

3x Vanilla


Code Gate (1)

1x Enigma


Sentry (2)

1x Archer

1x Bloodletter


14 influence spent (max 15, available 1)

20 agenda points (between 20 and 21)

49 cards (min 40)

Cards up to Terminal Directive


Deck built on


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