Week 17 – Follow Up

Sorry for the late post! The store was on modified hours yesterday, and I didn’t get a chance to play any Netrunner until this afternoon. But play some Netrunner I did!

Rosetta 2.0

That’s right. I finally got to get the Khan deck on the table. And it was fun! Unfortunately, my opponent was going for a 51-credit achievement and wasn’t actually trying to win the game. So, I built my rig, scored up to six points, then didn’t have the heart to keep him from his achievement.

I built more, let him get to 51, then did a Maker’s Eye/Equivocation run for the last point.

As usual, Khan and the birds are damned expensive to actually use their derezz ability. But I had a lot of fun with Mobius/Equivocation. I derezzed a Wall of Static (so expensive, so very unappetizingly expensive) then reinstalled my Saker as I passed the ICE. Got a click back from the Autoscriptor for that, plus the Mobius sent me right back in to get more cash. It was a cool combo.

Rosetta 2.0 was fun too. I swapped a Sneakdoor for an Opus, a Cache for an Equivocation, and another Cache for a Peregrine because I was wasting time while he got money.

I like this deck. It could use tweaking, but it’s fun and flashy.

Dedicated Processor

Didn’t get to play Kim. Dang.


Didn’t get to play Skorpios. But that’s fine. It’s just your average Skorpios deck.


The deck delivered exactly what was promised. I fell in love with this deck when I saw Adam playing it, and it did not disappoint. I was aggressive, I trashed ICE, I moved ICE around, I made tons of cash while doing it.

It was a brilliant deck, and I can’t say enough about it. I’d probably swap the Councilmans out for something else though, they were sort of dead. Honestly, I think I just love Equivocation. What a cool, cool card. But moving ICE around is also amazing.


I did it. I mean, I didn’t have to, but I still did.

I scored an Armored Servers the hard way, behind ICE, with regular advancements. That set me up to score more things (and scared the runner away from running for a long time). An un-advanced install turned out to be a High-Risk Investment that I used Anson and Red Planet Couriers to score the next turn. Watch out for those plays!

After that I scored a Hostile because I found it and I wanted money (at this point, the runner was only on 3 credits, so I didn’t want to blow one of my two HRI counters).

Then I just waited to find a combo piece. I had another Red Planet, a Biotic, and an Audacity in hand. Then I drew the Atlas.

How do I want to score this? With Audacity!

Worked fine. Closed out the game. Tons of fun.


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