Dadiana Chacon

Stick to HB

Kim looked over his accounts again. Or rather at the empty space where he had carved them out of the net. Now they were gone.

Peeling back the logs and following the activity, he found clues. Bread crumbs. A faint trace of movement that had liquidated everything he had stashed away.

It wasn’t the end, of course. Kim could always make more money. If he didn’t earn it on jobs or steal it from the corps, he could always get a finder’s fee from Human First when he brought in intel. But that wasn’t the immediate problem.

Today was the third Tuesday of the month. And that meant it was his turn to pay in. That payment would bounce, and it wouldn’t be long before…

A connection request rang in on Kim’s PAD.

Small Synergies

Dadiana is a strange card. She’s moderately useful when you’re scraping by, dead when you’re ahead, and dangerous when you’re at your weakest.

Still, rather than offset her negatives with Titanium Ribs or Plascrete or I’ve Had Worse, I pulled in Officer Frank to capitalize on that potential negative. We’ll get some more synergy by making it an Off-Campus deck, so we can draw cards quickly from Frank, Chacon, Lister, Fall Guys, Peddlers, Kati, Underworld Contacts, and the Archivist. Lots of Connections.

If you see that you’re about to hit 0, you can always trash a Fall Guy for a quick two credits or trash a Hopper for a quick three cards.

The only events I went for were Déjà Vu, because I wanted my Street Peddler to hit efficiently, and I didn’t want to put in too much recursion. Really, the Déjà Vu are just in there to pull back breakers that get gone.

We’ve got lots of ways to make runs cheaper and more efficient in Datasucker, Net-Ready Eyes, and Dedicated Processor, and the meat damage from Net-Ready can snag us a Frank trigger. So keep that combo in mind.

Otherwise, pretty by the numbers. Get a rig, deliver Medium.

First Rule Kim (Dadiana Chacon)

Edward Kim: Humanity’s Hammer


Event (2)

2x Déjà Vu


Hardware (8)

2x Dedicated Processor  ●●●●● ●

2x Grimoire

2x Net-Ready Eyes  ●●●●

2x Sports Hopper


Resource (25)

2x Dadiana Chacon

3x Daily Casts

1x Dean Lister

3x Fall Guy  ●●●

1x Human First

2x Kati Jones

3x Off-Campus Apartment

2x Officer Frank

3x Street Peddler

2x The Archivist

3x Underworld Contact


Icebreaker (7)

2x Mimic

1x MKUltra

2x Paperclip

2x Yog.0 ★★


Program (4)

2x Datasucker

2x Medium


15 influence spent (max 15, available 0)

46 cards (min 45)

Cards up to Terminal Directive


Deck built on


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