Red Planet Couriers

The Long Game

Anson Rose stood with the rest of the muckity mucks up on the stage and grinned through gritted teeth.

The Martian crowd looked forcibly jubilant to Rose. Like they’d been rounded up and told to cheer for the cameras or the corps would cut off the air. Rose didn’t think that had actually happened. The things that flew on Earth usually face planted on Mars. These people were ornery.

“…with great pleasure, we dedicate this new nexus of industry to…”

VP Van Rite droned on in that smarmy way of his, and Rose covered an involuntary roll of his eyes by glancing up at the Weyland headquarters in Khondi Plaza. It wasn’t actually new, but it was being rechristened as Weyland on Mars for Mars. Anson knew the real goal though. He’d worked on the project.

In only a few short years, as the Consortium built up infrastructure here, the Martians would realize that they were actually becoming Mars by Weyland for Weyland.


I didn’t come up with this concept, but I wish I had. That honour goes to Adam, one of our local players. He showed up with this one Monday night and wrecked face. Then he took it to second place in our tournament.

I’ve taken his concept and built my own shell around it, but the core cards are probably pretty similar with only the fringes being interchangeable. I know Adam doesn’t have Punitive in his collection, so he has two more flex slots that probably increase his cash flow or improve his ICE suite, which are two of my weaknesses.

So what does this deck do? It keeps you out by taxing you and having a low agenda density. It scores Hostiles when it can, and it advances ICE so that you take meat damage when you run.

What it tries to do is have nine advancement counters on the board (on ICE or on Anson Rose), nine credits, a Biotic Labor, a Red Planet Couriers, and a Government Takeover. If you don’t have the agenda, you need a Fast Track, a second Biotic, and four more credits.

If, instead, your Government Takeover gets stolen—unluckily—then you want to have a Punitive to land. Or a Consulting Visit so you can grab a Punitive. Nine meat damage is hard to protect against.

But of course, they have to not steal any other agendas. If they see a Hostile, then nine meat damage is off the table. If they see a Graft, then you might be able to squeak the kill out if they have no protection.

And, if they take the Takeover and dodge the death (with Film Critic or Hoppers or Plascretes or whatever), then you need to RPC your Grafts. One Biotic, one Graft, five advancement tokens on the board. Do that twice, then score a Hostile before they see anything else.

When you write it out like that, it feels really fragile. But I’ve seen it work. This deck is nasty.

Neo-Governmental Nations (Red Planet Couriers)

Weyland Consortium: Builder of Nations


Agenda (7)

1x Government Takeover

3x Graft

3x Hostile Takeover


Asset (6)

3x Anson Rose

3x Jackson Howard  ●●●


Operation (20)

1x Beanstalk Royalties

2x Biotic Labor  ●●●●● ●●●

2x Consulting Visit

3x Dedication Ceremony

2x Fast Track

3x Hedge Fund

3x IPO

2x Punitive Counterstrike

2x Red Planet Couriers


Barrier (5)

2x Fire Wall

3x Ice Wall


Code Gate (4)

2x Hortum

2x Mausolus


Sentry (2)

2x Colossus


11 influence spent (max 12, available 1)

18 agenda points (between 18 and 19)

44 cards (min 40)

Cards up to Terminal Directive


Deck built on


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