Alice Merchant


The dive bar smelled of stressed O2 filters and burned coffee. It was a clan-run place dug into the rock nearby the Station One mag-lev network named Fortune’s Fold, and Alice liked it for meetings. There were enough transports and enough bolt holes nearby to ensure a clean exit when needed.

The Aeneas mole looked uncomfortable. Her ragged coat and worn pants were still a little too clean, and she wore them a little too awkwardly to fit in with the miners and explorers who straddled chairs nearby.

She produced a drive and laid it on the table. “Everything I could find is on there. Architectures, future prospects, even a few Bioroid schematics ready for deployment.” Her eyes darted to the door, and her fingers drummed on the table.

Alice grabbed the drive and slid it up her sleeve then ran her fingers back through her hair. “That’s good work. We’ll put it to use. Go ahead and get gone.”

The mole looked relieved, she immediately stood up and started for the door.

“Friend,” Alice said, and the woman stopped. “Maybe you should take the back door out?” Alice pointed towards the bar, and the mole looked sheepish. She made her exit.

With the mole gone, conversation around the bar died. All eyes turned to Alice.

The freedom fighter stood up slowly and struck a fist to chest. “Tonight!”

Killer Queen

Once again, I can’t take full credit for this. I just keep playing games against cards before I’ve had a chance to really put some thought into them!

I liked Adam’s build though, so here we are. His core was around Maw, Bhagat, and Aeneas. I decided to replicate that and go hard into ICE destruction with cutlery as well as Parasites.

He was running Temujin, so he couldn’t fit the Career Fairs. I’m running Liberated, so I actually have four free influence.

Anywho, this deck is annoying as hell. It threatens all three central servers, and it can slice through ICE to dismantle scoring remotes. Sideways decks have to spread their ICE out because unprotected assets become Maw/Aeneas bait. When I was playing against it, I found my only option was to keep HQ completely empty. Install everything, never draw cards, and just protect R&D and my scoring remote. That turned off Archives and HQ accesses, Bhagat, and Maw. But it really hobbled me.

Interesting deck. Very Anarch with the finding weaknesses and exploiting them. Make sure to kill ICE as much as you can, because it’s a little economy light unless your opponent slips up with assets.

Merchant of Destruction (Alice Merchant)

Alice Merchant: Clan Agitator


Event (17)

3x Career Fair  ●●●

3x Déjà Vu

2x Forked

3x I’ve Had Worse

1x Knifed

2x Spooned

3x Sure Gamble


Hardware (2)

2x Maw


Resource (15)

3x Aeneas Informant  ●●●

2x Bhagat

3x Daily Casts

3x Earthrise Hotel

1x Ice Carver

3x Liberated Account


Icebreaker (8)

1x Black Orchestra

2x Mimic

1x MKUltra

2x Paperclip

2x Yog.0 ★★


Program (8)

3x Datasucker

2x Medium

3x Parasite ★★★


11 influence spent (max 15, available 4)

50 cards (min 50)

Cards up to Blood and Water


Deck built on


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