Follow Up – Week 18

Bad news! My local store has decided to take Mondays off, which means my regular testing and gaming night is in flux. There’s a thought that we might go for Thursdays now, but we’ll see how it works out.

Things here will be a little muddled, and I’m probably taking this week off of posts to manage non-Netrunner event things.

However I will be hosting a Cache Refresh tournament on Sunday! So I’ll do a follow up for that next week.

Last night I finished Terminal Directive (2 points away from winning campaign when my opponent did a Maker’s to score 5). Top card was the agenda I needed to win.

I also played the Edward Kim Dadiana dexk and the Harischandra Owl deck.


She got me some money. But obviously not much. I was pretty poor because I was up against Moon. And I went down the rabbit hole of trashing remotes rather than focusing on central. In the end, I wasn’t able to get my Yog out and contest an Engima, and I lost to Moon things. Should’ve gotten my rig up and hit central rather than going after Moons and Team Sponsorships. Definitely should’ve trashed the Clone Suffrages (those died immediately, every time).


Owl didn’t get rezzed. This was a weird game. He was a tag-me Null.

I should’ve had it. But I couldn’t find the Psychographics, Closed Accounts, or taxing ICE before he established the Siphon lock. After that, he just accumulated cash and tags until he Counter Surveillanced my deck.


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