Tournament Report – Cache Refresh

We had an abysmal turnout.

Unfortunately there was a Magic pre-release this weekend, so no less than four Netrunner players were in the store playing that instead. Criminy.

Also unfortunately, our out-of-towners had to cancel. And that meant it was only me and Adam. Abysmal.

Anywho, Adam and I played four games and it was a ton of fun.

My Khan deck was awesome but could not keep up with his ridiculously rich and glacier-y Engineering the Future. But my Obokata Personal Evolution got two kills onto his Steve Cambridge.

The first game with PE, I killed him early on with a Cerebral Casts (he takes a Brain Damage on two cards because he’s worried I have Scorch), then double Neural to kill. He was down on two cards because he’d hit a Snare on click three and spent click four clearing the tag. The right calls both times, but I didn’t have the Scorch in hand.

The second game with PE, he handled me hard. Just kept smashing me down with Siphon and Medium. I stuck him with a Shi.kyu, then he scored a Nisei and a House of Knives. Then he scored another Nisei. He’d accessed a few Obokatas and declined to steal them (off R&D). MVP of this game was Miraju and Whampoa. I was able to pull some crazy shenanigans hiding agendas.

Eventually, I naked installed a Philotic. It wouldn’t win him the game if he stole it, and it would win me the game if he didn’t. It wasn’t in the remote, so he figured I was just setting up or baiting a trap.

Then I flatlined him.

As for Khan, I love the deck. I was on track to win the first game, but then he hit me with a Hunter Seeker when I scored my third (?) two-pointer. He killed my Dhegdeer and Opus, and suddenly I was just clicking for credits and hoping to win by Equivocation.

The next game, he just locked me out because I couldn’t find the right pieces in time. He scored an ABT out of the remote, then he scored an Elective Upgrades off a SanSan and Biotic. He then proceeded to win.

Cache Refresh was a super cool format, and I look forward to seeing it again with more players!


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