Jarogniew Mercs

Fresh Start

After leaving Earth—Chacon’s men hot on his heels—Kim had spent an agonizing few weeks in space. It had been his first time away from a gravity well, and nothing about it had been pleasant.

Now though, he had new contacts, new friends, and a mark. Old tricks were the best tricks, and Kim was ready to smash through some Corporate servers and build his capital back up.

Who needs Plascrete?

Adam piloted a deck like this against my Harischandra deck last week. I decided to take the core idea (which he’d put in Null) and put it in Kim. For fun. I like the idea of using regular accesses to pull apart combo pieces along with keeping the corp poor.

The game plan is pretty simple. Get your Obelus out, make some cash, get your rig up, then siphon spam into oblivion. Next step? Counter Surveillance for the win. Use Jarogniew to protect yourself from meat damage, and just do mean, mean Anarch things.

Headlock Surveillance Kim (Jarogniew)

Edward Kim: Humanity’s Hammer


Event (11)

2x Account Siphon  ●●●●● ●●●

3x Day Job

3x Déjà Vu

3x I’ve Had Worse


Hardware (3)

3x Obelus


Resource (20)

3x Counter Surveillance

3x Fall Guy  ●●●

2x Ice Carver

3x Jarogniew Mercs

3x Joshua B.

3x Same Old Thing

3x Wireless Net Pavilion


Icebreaker (6)

1x Black Orchestra

2x Mimic

2x Paperclip

1x Yog.0 ★


Program (6)

3x Datasucker

3x Parasite ★★★


15 influence spent (max 15, available 0)

46 cards (min 45)

Cards up to Blood and Water


Deck built on https://netrunnerdb.com.


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