Wanderer on a Sea of Stars

The net parted before the god, and he paddled a one-man boat across a sea of information. Dipping his hand into the waves of data, Loki sampled from all of the code that made up his realm.

And with it, he made them fear him.

Lockout and Score Out

Yet another combo deck. I mean, you can do super cool things with Loki and multi-sub ICE, but he’s still just strength three. I could shore up that weakness by putting him in Stronger Together and playing cards like Patch or Experiential Data or IT Department, but instead, I’m just going to go with the nastiness of Mythic ICE. As in, once I have my ICE up, you’d better have an AI breaker or some Parasites.

Otherwise, I’m just going to keep smashing you into Mother Goddess’s End the Run until I’ve got the cards in hand to combo out.

So ideally, we want Mother Goddess on HQ, Excalibur on Archives, and Loki on R&D. I think. I think that makes sense.

After that, we just do the easy version of CI. Make money and draw cards until we get Biotics in hand. Once we have three Biotics (which we can get with Localized Product Line), we can score an Elective Upgrade from hand. Then Elective Upgrade can score us our ABTs or Vitruviuses for the game.

Clearance Sale CI (Loki)

Cerebral Imaging: Infinite Frontiers


Agenda (9)

3x Accelerated Beta Test

3x Elective Upgrade

3x Project Vitruvius


Asset (3)

3x Jackson Howard  ●●●


Operation (28)

3x Archived Memories

3x Biotic Labor

3x Blue Level Clearance

3x Green Level Clearance

3x Hedge Fund

3x IPO

3x Localized Product Line  ●●●●● ●●●●

3x Reclamation Order

1x Ultraviolet Clearance

3x Violet Level Clearance


Other (9)

3x Excalibur

3x Loki

3x Mother Goddess


12 influence spent (max 15, available 3)

21 agenda points (between 20 and 21)

49 cards (min 45)

Cards up to Terminal Directive


Deck built on https://netrunnerdb.com.


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