Follow Up – Week 19

Unfortunately, this week was less than exciting. I didn’t get to play Maui, and the decks I played had pretty lacklustre games.

Warroid Tracker

I played against a Sunny deck. That basically meant that Warroid and Ash were turned off. No big deal, I scored a GFI early, then scored behind ICE and Caprice. It was a by-the-numbers game of classic Netrunner. I didn’t have much pressure on me though as my opponent was having trouble getting his rig and economy together.

He had tons of Link though.

I think Warroid is going to be really good. Particularly since it’s non-unique.

Jarogniew Mercs

I played this matchup twice. Jarogniew tag-me against a Making News Scorch. The first game was a wash because I hit three agendas off of R&D early pressure while he had no ICE.Womp womp.

The next game was better, but I Edward Kimmed his Scorches out of hand and took the agendas again.

Jarogniew is a great Plascrete replacement. It’s more interactive, and if it becomes meta, then the corp just starts running All Seeing I. You know?


What a lame deck. My opponent didn’t have AI, so I locked him out and played a Localized Product Line for my last Biotic. Triple Biotic to score an Elective Upgrades. Next turn: score Vitruvius. Turn after that: score ABT.

Also I Reclamation Ordered Hedge Fund like twice. So that bit was awesome.

Loki is definitely more fun in other decks. This is pure cheese.

With a lame strength of three, Loki isn’t really all that taxing or scary. You have to have a scary piece of ICE out already plus then have Loki surprise an incomplete rig. So maybe it’s a good remote piece of ICE?

Anywho, Loki will definitely benefit from some of the new cards coming out. Like Helheim. Mmmmm. Helheim.


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