Obokata Protocol


Musashi walked beside Hiro as obediently as an engineered hound. The corridors of the Jinteki headquarters on Mars were less ornamented than those back on Earth or on Luna, but they were still works of beauty.

Instead of grand open spaces with lush gardens or vaulted ceilings decorated with intricately detailed murals, these were the straight, uniform lines of precise planning and function. They were the new look of Jinteki, now that Chairman Hiro was directing the expenditure of resources and expansion of influence.

Still, Musashi missed the gardens.

They arrived at a great red door, and Hiro motioned Musashi forward.

“This is your latest assignment. Guard it well.”


It’s only a few more months weeks or months before we have rotation. This means I only have a little bit more time to run Fetal AI alongside Obokata Protocol. I’m pretty pumped for this tiny window of devastating net damage.

I mean, we don’t even have the next set announced yet, but it’s looming and breathing down our necks. “I will steal your cards…”

Honestly, I’m excited. Rotation will really change how Netrunner is played. It’ll be the wild west of deck design for a while, and that’ll be cool.

As for this deck, I love it. I mean, it makes concessions to stupid Film Critic (as in, I have two MCA Informant in it), but it’s also just a nasty, mean, cruel, deck. I plan to grind you into submission. Yes, Levy AR Lab Access is my nemesis. But I can survive it, because I can just keep slapping you with damage.

A modified version of this did really well for me in the Cache Refresh card pool. That one used Whampoa to hide agendas and didn’t need MCA Informant to protect itself from Film Critics.

This is a pretty sweet deck, but I think—in particular—the Chiyashi is a luxury. I doubt I’ll ever rez that. It should honestly probably just be a third DNA Tracker. But hey, maybe it’ll go live and I’ll have something cool on the board. Or it’ll get Parasited. Whatevs.

Obokata Protocol is the best thing to happen to Jinteki since Snare. This agenda is amazing.

Knuckles PE (Obokata Protocol)

Jinteki: Personal Evolution


Agenda (10)

3x Fetal AI

3x House of Knives

3x Obokata Protocol

1x Philotic Entanglement


Asset (8)

3x Jackson Howard  ●●●

3x Shock!

2x Snare!


Upgrade (3)

3x Ben Musashi


Operation (13)

2x Celebrity Gift

2x Cerebral Cast

3x Hedge Fund

2x MCA Informant  ●●●●

2x Neural EMP

2x Scorched Earth  ●●●●● ●●●


Barrier (4)

1x Chiyashi

3x Kakugo


Code Gate (4)

2x DNA Tracker

2x Yagura


Sentry (7)

2x Cortex Lock

3x Komainu

2x Swordsman


15 influence spent (max 15, available 0)

20 agenda points (between 20 and 21)

49 cards (min 45)

Cards up to Blood and Water


Deck built on https://netrunnerdb.com.


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