Shipment from Tennin


The Obokata Protocol had opened so many doors throughout the Jinteki infrastructure. Intrusive net criminals had moved on to easier pickings, and resources had been redistributed.

For the Tennin Institute, that meant more aggressive measures.

Catch 22

It’s a never-advance deck. Psychic Field is a way under-utilized card, and Hostile Infrastructure with Bio-Ethics Association is always a nasty surprise. Unfortunately, there’s a little anti-synergy in the Bio-Ethics Associations as they incentivize the runner to run, thereby turning the Tennin ability off. I’m not sure about it, but I still like the kill-threat package.

What you probably have to do is play smart—shocker. Don’t immediately rez a single Bio-Ethics Association. Keep them in reserve until the runner hits a Psychic Field or Shock. Then start dropping BEAs and not rezzing them.

When it makes sense (like after they score an Obokata Protocol), rez all three Bio-Ethics Associations for a kill shot. Don’t try and whittle the runner down like in a Potential Unleashed deck. We just don’t have the recursion to make that worthwhile.

As for the never-advance strategy, if they steal a Medical Breakthrough, then you can score Braintrusts and Medical Breakthroughs from hand using Shipment from Tennin or Trick of Light. If you have two FA cards, then you can never-advance an Obokata. If possible, I’d probably save my Jacksons for reshuffling Psychic Fields back in. Those are our bread and butter.

And if you’re getting lots of Shocks and Psychic Fields, feel free to throw a spikey piece of ICE (not an Ice Wall) on a remote to tax the checks.

Needs a clever hand, but it’s a pretty promising deck. Shipment from Tennin is cool as hell. Jinteki continues to be the faction that punishes you for running and punishes you for not running. I’m really going to miss Ronin.

Shell Tennin (Shipment from Tennin)

Tennin Institute: The Secrets Within


Agenda (9)

3x Braintrust

3x Medical Breakthrough

2x Obokata Protocol

1x Philotic Entanglement


Asset (14)

3x Bio-Ethics Association ★★★

2x Hostile Infrastructure

3x Jackson Howard  ●●●

3x Psychic Field

3x Shock!


Operation (13)

1x Archived Memories  ●●

3x Celebrity Gift

3x Hedge Fund

3x Shipment from Tennin

3x Trick of Light


Barrier (5)

2x Ice Wall  ●●

3x Kakugo


Code Gate (4)

2x DNA Tracker

2x Yagura


Sentry (4)

2x Colossus  ●●●●

2x Komainu


14 influence spent (max 15, available 1)

20 agenda points (between 20 and 21)

49 cards (min 45)

Cards up to Terminal Directive


Deck built on


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