Devil’s Hunger

The mysterious program had opened so many opportunities for Kate. She loved to explore, and though this icebreaker needed to be fed, she had found workarounds for that.

And now the net was even more open. Ripe.


This is a modified version of my Adjusted Matrix deck from before. We’re still using Endless Hunger alongside e3 Feedback Implants and Adjusted Matrix, but now we’ve added in Faust. Why? Because Daredevil feeds Faust, and e3 keeps Faust happy.

The best target for Endless Hunger’s nom-nom is MKUltra, naturally. Particularly since Kate can recur the Killer for a cheap 1 credit. That means a run usually nets you +2 cards, then you eat your Killer to get through something and can reinstall it if necessary. Need to blow something else up because you haven’t encountered a Killer? Go for a Fan Site or Artist Colony—or in a pinch—a VoicePAD.

So, what can we break subroutines with? Credits. Cards. Clicks. And installed cards. Seems like we’ve got tricks to get in.

Starving Artist Kate (Daredevil)

Kate “Mac” McCaffrey: Digital Tinker


Event (21)

3x Diesel

3x Dirty Laundry

3x Levy AR Lab Access

1x Lucky Find  ●●

3x Modded

3x Quality Time

3x Sure Gamble

2x The Maker’s Eye


Hardware (11)

2x Adjusted Matrix

2x Daredevil

2x e3 Feedback Implants  ●●●●

3x Prepaid VoicePAD

2x R&D Interface


Resource (8)

3x Artist Colony

1x Beth Kilrain-Chang

3x Fan Site

1x Film Critic


Icebreaker (3)

1x Endless Hunger  ●●

1x Faust ★★★ ●●

1x MKUltra  ●●


Program (3)

3x Self-modifying Code


15 influence spent (max 15, available 0)

46 cards (min 45)

Cards up to Blood and Water


Deck built on https://netrunnerdb.com.


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