Style Points

Kit stared at the server’s readout and laughed. “So you think you’ve got the big walls, eh? We’ll see who has whose number today.” Kit paused, ran back over her words, and shrugged to herself.

“Whatever. This will be fantastic.”

Engaging the Mass-Driver, Kit’s interface went technicolour as she rocketed forward in cyber space. The overcharged icebreaker sapped at her power reserves, but it blew through the Weyland defenses as if they were paper walls.


Once again, an iteration on Adam’s Kit/Dedicated Processor deck, this one tries to find a good use for Mass-Driver. Thing is, it’s damn expensive at only one strength and two credits to break subroutines. Eight to install? That’s also tough to swallow.

But! With Inversificator, we can set up intense Mass-Driver turns later on. Picture this, the corp has a Curtain Wall on the outside and a Vanilla on the inside. You use your Inversificator (and Dedicated Processor) to break the Curtain Wall once and then swap it inwards. You definitely jack out at this point.

Next turn, you Mass Driver through the Vanilla for two credits, and break the Curtain Wall immediately. Seems like a good deal to me!

Okay, I’m stretching. But the only other build I could think of was a Mass-Driver on a London Library with LLDS Processors, and it’s still not amazing. But at least this might give some cool stories?

Anti-Freeze Kit (Mass-Driver)

Rielle “Kit” Peddler: Transhuman


Event (19)

3x Diesel

3x Dirty Laundry

2x Levy AR Lab Access

3x Modded

2x Spooned  ●●●●● ●

3x Sure Gamble

3x Test Run


Hardware (11)

3x Dedicated Processor

3x Lockpick

3x R&D Interface

2x The Gauntlet  ●●


Resource (5)

2x Beth Kilrain-Chang

3x Same Old Thing


Icebreaker (6)

1x Inti

2x Inversificator

2x Mass-Driver

1x MKUltra  ●●


Program (4)

2x Equivocation

2x Magnum Opus


10 influence spent (max 10, available 0)

45 cards (min 45)

Cards up to Blood and Water


Deck built on


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