Tournament Report

I didn’t play ANY of last week’s decks. Instead, we hosted my very last tournament at the Two-Headed Giant. I’m moving back to the sunny shores of Alberta (har har) this Thursday, so I wanted to get one more tournament in.

And between moving and tournament and moving and more moving, I haven’t gotten to play much Netrunner. Still, here’s some stuff. Let’s talk about the tournament in brief.

We had five players. Strangely enough, there were two Sunnys! I brought Ken and PE.

I thought long and hard about bringing Reina with Caissas. This’d probably be the last time I could take the chess pieces to a tournament until people started running full card pool tournaments, but in the end, I decided to go Crim. Really, it’s because the Caissas are pretty dated. They’re still cool, and nothing beats their physicality, but Knight is too expensive with all the multi-sub ICE. It doesn’t stand up to modern breakers. Rook is cool, but it would require a heavy investment in a derez suite, which I wasn’t totally into. Pawn doesn’t give that much of an economic boost over just installing a Temujin, and Bishop has always been pretty weak. Now it has to go up against things like Net-Ready Eyes, Dedicated Processor, and Null.

It was sad. But I didn’t play Caissas.

However, Ken and PE were awesome.

For the Ken deck, I went relatively light on the run events (only 10). That was a bonus, but what we really wanted was the 17 influence. That let us bring in Employee Strikes, Temujin, Mimic, Paperclip, Datasuckers, and two Equivocation.

The game plan was to get some regular runs in, threaten remotes with Inside Job, clear shenanigans with Strike, and then Equivocate for the win.

It did pretty well. But Abagnale was a pain. Decoders are hard for Crim.

Also Mammon had to come down in one game where I just could not find my Paperclip or a Special Order.

Femme was a boss and got me some pretty amazing plays.

But the real star of the deck was Bloo Moose. As Paperclip is the only card that comes out of the bin in this deck, I regularly made about 30 credits off of Bloo Moose. What’s that, a Daily Casts that lasts 15 turns? I’d buy that.

Bloo Moose is definitely going on the MWL.

Deliberation Ken

Ken “Express” Tenma: Disappeared Clone


Event (22)

3x Career Fair

3x Dirty Laundry

2x Employee Strike  ●●

3x Inside Job

2x Legwork

2x Möbius

3x Special Order

3x Sure Gamble


Hardware (3)

3x Desperado


Resource (12)

2x Aaron Marrón

2x Bloo Moose

2x Daily Casts

3x Earthrise Hotel

3x Temüjin Contract ★★★


Icebreaker (5)

1x Abagnale

1x Femme Fatale

1x Mammon

1x Mimic  ●

1x Paperclip  ●●●


Program (4)

2x Datasucker  ●●

2x Equivocation  ●●●●● ●


17 influence spent (max 17, available 0)

45 cards (min 45)

Cards up to Terminal Directive


Deck built on

My PE build was a slightly modified version of my Master Shredder Obokata deck. It’s still super amazing. I think I might swap the Cortex Locks for something else, but going down to two Shocks to include a Caprice was a really, really smart choice.

I didn’t MCA any Film Critics this tournament, but I did turn an Aaron to my side. I also Scorched somebody. The real nailbiter was in my final game against James (one of the store owners). He was on 5 points, and I was on 3 points. I had a Fetal AI installed and double advanced, and he could get into the server. But he had very few cards. Time was running down.

He went in. He hit the Swordsman and let it fire. He then hit a Komainu and cursed at me. That’s also when I rezzed the Caprice. He cursed at me more.

He lost the Psi Game. He tried again. This time I rezzed the Ben Musashi. He cursed at me more, and he jacked out—not enough cards to survive the Fetal and the Ben. He passed turn.

I triple-advanced the Fetal and waited 5 seconds for the clock to run down. I scored it and ended my turn. He now had one turn left to win the game. Unfortunately for him, I had no agendas in hand or archives, so he needed the top deck (no multi access).

It wasn’t there, so we tied. That landed me in third place behind David in first and James in second. I’m really loving this deck, but I think the ICE suite needs some tooling. Not just the Cortex Locks (though they were really great against Sunny), but also the DNA Trackers. Do I need 3? I don’t think so.

Master Shredder PE (Obokata Protocol)

Jinteki: Personal Evolution


Agenda (10)

3x Fetal AI

3x House of Knives

3x Obokata Protocol

1x Philotic Entanglement


Asset (7)

3x Jackson Howard  ●●●

2x Shock!

2x Snare!


Upgrade (3)

2x Ben Musashi

1x Caprice Nisei


Operation (14)

2x Celebrity Gift

3x Cerebral Cast

3x Hedge Fund

2x MCA Informant  ●●●●

2x Neural EMP

2x Scorched Earth  ●●●●● ●●●


Barrier (3)

3x Kakugo


Code Gate (5)

3x DNA Tracker

2x Yagura


Sentry (7)

2x Cortex Lock

3x Komainu

2x Swordsman


15 influence spent (max 15, available 0)

20 agenda points (between 20 and 21)

49 cards (min 45)

Cards up to Blood and Water


Deck built on

It was very sad that it was my last tournament at the Two-Headed Giant. I’m going to miss those folks.


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