Brain Caging

Carlos itched at the neural net as the hologram droned on about market forces and guiding principles. Anya, another student sitting just to his right, looked just as uncomfortable, so Carlos leaned over and whispered.

“What’re you up to after class?”

Anya squinted at the blue hologram in front of them and sat up more stiffly. “Shut up, C, you know they monitor us in here.”

“Yeah sure, but do they care what we do after class?”

“They care,” Anya said flatly, keeping her attention on the program.

Carlos rolled his eyes and looked glumly up at the ceiling.

Then the neural net started to itch more.

“Hey, you feel that…?” Carlos’s voice quavered a touch, but Anya ignored him.

Reaching a finger up between the fibres and his hair, Carlos tried to find whatever was irritating his scalp. Then his body went stiff.

Electricity coursed through him, and his vision went white.

When his vision cleared, Carlos found his head between his knees. He was doubled over, and his chest hurt. He’d been panting.

Straightening quickly, Carlos focused his gaze on the teaching module ahead of him.

“C? You okay man?” Anya asked, no longer looking at the hologram.

“Anya, I’m trying to focus. This stuff is important.”

Same Old Thing

Okay. I have no idea what to do with this agenda. So, when in doubt, Psychographics a 5/3. This deck makes money. It draws cards, and it installs economy assets. You trash them? It recurs them. Hard. The ICE is good old NBN taxing ICE. Remember when NBN ICE used to be crap?

Anywho. We make a ton of money, then we Midseasons and Psychographics. Not exactly very amazing, but it’s in NEH now, so it’s a lot richer!

To the Victors NEH (Reeducation)

Near-Earth Hub: Broadcast Center


Agenda (8)

1x AstroScript Pilot Program

1x Global Food Initiative  ●

3x Project Beale

3x Reeducation


Asset (15)

3x Commercial Bankers Group  ●●●●● ●

3x Jackson Howard

3x PAD Campaign

3x Team Sponsorship  ●●●

3x Turtlebacks  ●●●


Operation (13)

2x Fast Track

3x Friends in High Places  ●●●

2x MCA Informant

3x Midseason Replacements

3x Psychographics


Barrier (4)

2x Data Ward

2x Resistor


Code Gate (5)

2x Archangel

1x Authenticator

2x Pop-up Window


Sentry (4)

2x Data Raven

2x Turnpike


16 influence spent (max 17, available 1)

20 agenda points (between 20 and 21)

49 cards (min 45)

Cards up to Blood and Water


Deck built on


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