Traffic Analyzer

Neural Analytics

“I’ve got a heavy transport coming in on five,” Vanessa said into her commlink.

“Roger that. I see her.” Stev was new on the team, but Nessa had figured him for a good company man.

“Slewing a bit to the side.”

“It is at that. Heavy load?”

“Inebriated driver. Call it in.”

That’s when the cameras caught a facial rec of the driver. It was a Tenma model, but his eyes were glazed over as if there was nothing behind the wheel.


Traffic Analyzer seemed like a pretty lame card. It has the chance to reduce your ICE rez costs just a bit. My first thought was to bring in a Troll and TMI deck. Things that stack traces with Rutherford Grid. Plus we could get a discount on TMI. It was okay. Also it was interesting with Aryabhata. But I was thinking too small.

Because, you see, Traffic Analyzer is not unique or limit one per server. That means with three of them and one Rutherford, we can run three Trace fours to reduce the rez cost of a piece of ICE by 3. Hmmm… Cell Portal is a 5, and it derezzes a lot. Akitaro Watanabe brings the rez cost of the Cell Portal down to 0. Which means we can create an infinite loop if the runner can’t beat the trace.

Guess what, Aryabhata can fit into this as well. So, every time we trace with Analyzer, they lose a credit, and we gain a credit. This increases our infinity. But what do we do with it? Just make a million credits?

No, we kill them. Because this all fits in the 17-influence beauty that is AgInfusion.

You see, if we’re reducing rez costs by 5, we can get an Assassin up for 2 credits. Or a Gemini up for 0. Assassin’s traces become trace 7 and 6. Gemini’s trace is 4 (which means for the low-low investment of one credit each time, you guarantee 1 net damage, possibly 2). In a pinch you could also use Neural Katana.

Originally this plan had been with Shinobi, but unfortunately Shinobi’s third sub has an ETR clause. So that’s out. Assassin is in.

What’re the other parts to this debacle? Well, the runner can’t jack out. So we need 3x Whirlpool. And we’ll need Batty to make sure the Whirlpool fires if they have an AI. We also need facedown ICE. That shouldn’t be a problem, we’ve got 19 ICE to install.

I also threw in a fun little Labyrinthine Servers which we can try and bluff out as a Project Junebug.

Basically, create your server of doom. You need a Cell Portal at the bottom and either an Assassin or a Gemini in front of it. You can protect the upgrades by putting a Junebug in it. Then you drop a Rutherford Grid, an Akitaro, and all three Traffic Analyzers. Go sideways with Aryabhata and protect them with whatever ICE you can spare. Your Macrophages and Kakugos can absolutely never touch your infini-remote, because it’s a waste. Get a Whirlpool in front of a facedown ICE to trigger AgInfusion’s ability with, and if they’re playing AI, get your Batty down on the Whirlpool server.

Whirlpool! Trash ICE to send them to our remote! (Remember, you cannot rez the Assassin or Gemini at this point.) They think they’re about to hit the Junebug and they extend their hand for good game, and you say, “but wait, there’s more!” You rez the Rutherford and the Traffic Analyzers. Then you rez the Cell Portal. If they had a card to break it, you may need to Batty it. But they may also have little money left because of the 9 credits they just lost from Aryabhata techs.

Cell Portal fires and derezzes, and the hapless runner approaches the outermost piece of ICE. Your Gemini or Assassin. It can now be rezzed. Which triggers Traffic Analyzer again, and hits them for another 9 credits (gaining you 9, of course) from Aryabhata. Then they encounter the ICE. You start dealing net damage or dealing damage and trashing their programs. Either way, your Aryabhata’s are making you richer and them poorer.

Then they hit the Cell Portal again. You rez it.

INFINITE LOOP. That only took a seven-card combo. Eight cards if you count the derezzed ICE. Nine cards if you count Batty. 10 cards if you count the kill.

Oh yeah. 10-card kill combo. That’s going to go off in EVERY GAME PROMISE GUARANTEED.

Rush Hour AgInfusion (Traffic Analyzer)

AgInfusion: New Miracles for a New World


Agenda (7)

1x Fetal AI

1x Labyrinthine Servers

3x Obokata Protocol

2x The Future Perfect


Asset (8)

3x Aryabhata Tech  ●●●●● ●

2x Jackson Howard  ●●

3x Project Junebug


Upgrade (12)

3x Akitaro Watanabe

3x Marcus Batty

3x Rutherford Grid  ●●●●● ●

3x Traffic Analyzer  ●●●


Operation (3)

3x Hedge Fund


Barrier (3)

3x Kakugo


Code Gate (5)

3x Cell Portal

2x Macrophage


Sentry (8)

3x Assassin

3x Gemini

2x Neural Katana


Other (3)

3x Whirlpool


17 influence spent (max 17, available 0)

20 agenda points (between 20 and 21)

49 cards (min 45)

Cards up to Blood and Water


Deck built on


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